The World was Created in 6+1 Days or Was that an Hour?

What is 61? How does it relate to the creation of the world?

Six days plus one for rest is 6 +1 = 7 or 61.

Sources on Gematria call the ‘one’  colel, especially in Greek gematria. It is supposed to be the practice of adding one to a desired sum and then saying it is the same number or quantity. It is like saying 666 and 667 are equal.

If you are talking about 666 bees chasing you, I suppose one more won’t make that much of a difference. I suggest that one does make a difference in the original Torah gematria in most cases, and correspondingly, it would change the determination of the underlying meaning.

60 minutes create an hour. 61 and you have an hour plus one minute. You have a complete cycle, a sweep of the minute hand around the clock, and you have begun the next cycle or period. 61 signifies ‘the next period.’ These people calculated in two bases, just as we do. Base 10 and base 60 each have a place in our world. Time is counted in base 60. Toes are counted in base 10. So 61 minutes is 1 hour 1 minute or maybe 1′ 1″. There is that creative 11 again!

Where else do we see this 60, 60 + 1 expression in the Noah’s ark story?

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