Noah’s Age as a Limit.

Each and every word in the Torah represented a complete idea: the thought concept and its ……………………….?  Number. Number? Yes. Each letter in ancient Hebrew equated to a number in the same way Roman numerals are both numbers and letters. When we look at any Ancient Hebrew word its numerical equivalent should reinforce the thought concept.

Now let us re-look at 950. If 950 was the limit of Noah’s years then let us decide it IS a limit to something. We equated it to inches and obtained:

950 miles = 950 x 12 x 5280 = 60,192,000 inches.

So, we see this is just more than 60,000,000 inches. But we look at this equation and pause to wonder why there are 5280 feet in a mile and why are there 12 inches to the foot.   12 x 5280 = 63360 inches to the mile. A number which does not seem all that important. But 2 x 5280 = 10560 feet. ??

If you spend some time calculating, you will discover that Noah was born in the year 1056 from the beginning of the world and he died in the year 2006.  That 1056 looks remarkably like the 10560 feet above! A co-incidence or was it by design?

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