The Literal Translation of the Bible

Why are the numbers in the generations of Adam so important?

Because they survived repeated translation!

If you are devoutly reading your Bible and are taking it literally, “The literal translation of the Bible….” AND you believe that your literal translation is the words of God, you had best stop, and flip to the second page of your bible. If it has a copyright attached it is NOT written by God and in legal fact, someone real, who will sue you, has laid claim to the authorship of your religious tenets. In other words, your bible is a publication for profit. If your bible does not have a copyright, and is in English, then it is probably the work of William Tyndale and others from the early 1600’s. But it still cannot be taken literally!

The bible was written in parts, and none of those parts was ever written in Modern English. The language with which these sentences are written.

However, the numbers have survived repeated translation. Hence – 950.

A few more 950 numbers to keep us on topic: 950 hours is 39.583 days.

950 minutes is 15.8333 hours.  15.8333 / 24 = .6597 or about .66.

The authors of the Torah, which is the original version of the first five books of the old testament, wrote in Ancient Hebrew. Each and every word represented a complete idea: the thought concept and its ……………………….?

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