Answer to Secret Chamber Riddle

© 2016 B. L. Freeborn (updated December 2022)

Latin Stone found in rural New York.

This stone with a Latin inscription was found in rural New York.

This stone with a Latin inscription was found in rural New York.

Obverse side of stone with a Latin inscription found in rural New York. Numbers read 45 30 and 75 53.

Spoiler alert! This is the answer to the riddle at this post.

This all seems very number heavy but there is more here! See below!!

The numbers read:

XLV = 45, XXX = 30,

LXXV = 75, and LIII = 53.

Notice 30 + 45 = 75. When does 45 equal 75? And what of the other numbers?

45 minutes equals .75 hours.

.53 radians equals 30 degrees.

45 and 30 as 4530 is 79 radians.

The sum of 75, 53 and 30 is 158 or twice 79.

The sum of all four numbers is 203. There are 360 degrees in a circle. 203 / 360 = .564.

Notice that if the numbers in the top line are adjusted to be 4.5 and 3.0 then:

Sum 75 to 4.5 and find 79.5

and then sum 53 to 3.0 and find 56.0.

The hidden numbers then are 79, 79, 79.5, 56, .564.

The association with time, degrees and radians suggests measures of longitude and latitude.

What lies at 79 degrees West and 56 degrees North?


Perhaps the two V’s are lined up for a reason. They point downwards between the A and M of Cam in ‘In camera.’ The word ‘am’ in Old English means ‘reed’ suggesting a measuring stick. The word ‘cam’ suggests came. The picture has a ruler on an index which reinforces the previous idea. Are the two V’s double daggers or twin meteorites? Does it say” in – came -arrows”? Is the octopus actually a smoking crater in a mountain of ice?  In Old English ‘Amer’ does mean destroyed.

Notice these other words: LIN or Line, MAC or make, LAER or lair, and there are three X’s in a row.

Is the phrase ‘IN CAMERA’ an anagram for N. America?

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