Putnam County, NY Stone Chamber

This one will give you something to think about.

It is up the road from the chamber in the previous post. It sits just off the road at an intersection, so be very careful of the traffic.


This roadside chamber is easy to pass by.


Meter stick for scale. View from road.


Massive door lintels.


Corner entrance stone showing drill mark. Probably split by a hand powered drill since the bore mark is rough.


Interior looking towards the entrance at the roof.


Another exterior view.

Sorry. There are no interior shots because there were too many people inside. There was another drill mark on a stone at the bottom in the rear of the structure.

Location: Park at intersection of Rt 301 & Farmer Mills Chamber. West side of intersection on 301.
Door faces E.  7 roof stones.  Door opening is 3’10” wide by 5’5″ high.  Chamber is 19′ long by 10′ wide by 7’7″ high.

Close to: 41 28’57″N   73 46’9″W

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