The Ancient Secret Hidden in Noah’s Age

The meaning of Noah’s age can be understood by relating it to astronomy and the most important numbers related to Earth: its diameter, the distance it travels in a year and its distance from the Sun.

Darren Aronofsky’s new movie “Noah” will be released this month. One does not have to believe the story to wonder about it. Indeed, wondering about it includes questioning the age to which Noah lived. The image above solves the riddle but leaves us still in a state of disbelief.

If we accept the premise that the ages of Noah’s fathers gives us Earth related values, then we must ask how did they determine these values in the first place which have been calculated only recently by our finest scientists? This suggests there previously existed a society upon this planet which had achieved a high level of scientific achievement and someone was determined not to let this knowledge be lost. In fact, the story of Noah relates just such an idea, the demise of the world‘s entire civilization. In contemplating this mystery one should consider we still use the Sumerian’s system of time measurement and the forerunner to the Noah story existed in their society.

So then, we are forced to give up the absurd idea of giants and men living ten centuries and we must trade it for an even more fascinating mystery. Unless one has accurate knowledge of these values it is impossible to reveal the secrets of the Old Testament (or Torah). This then is how this secret has alluded us for so many centuries. What had originally been created to help keep the memories of the sages strong and accurate became a mystery to us. This also proves despite fervent use of the sword through the centuries to eradicate this knowledge, the pen is still mightier.

The mystery is not gone. It lays before us rich and deep. We need no boat large enough to contain all animals, nor the gravelly, steady voice of Russell Crowe to make it true. We need only appreciate the Earth and recognize that it is the only vessel large enough to carry all which lives around the Sun for a full year, year in and year out.

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