Hidden Messages from the Ancients

© 2019 B. L. Freeborn

Here is a short riddle…


את הארוט
סעו נאטטירו פניסו אנו וו את
טסאלפמיס סאדוך ראוא דאטארך רו
ווה פנול טי כווט וט כארב טי
,אנו וו את טסום טלוכיוויד.


Use this key:

Key to the Hebrew Letters and the Latin Letter that will serve to substitute for it in this study due to font issues.

Using the above key to the Hebrew letters find:

Torah The
the of one using written was
or created ever codes simplest
it break to took it long how
.difficult most the of one,

Then read them right to left:

The Torah
was written using one of the
simplest codes ever created or,
how long it took to break it,
one of the most difficult.

Apply this same method to this verse from the Torah. (Word order already reversed.)

Deuteronomy Verse 25:14:

לך יהיה לא

Change into Latin letters:

ea-l  h-i-h-i  k-l






Into Old English using linked words (letters):

Eall! Hie! Hie! Cyll!

From Old English to modern:

All! Hy! Hy! It killed!
Clearly then around about it was stranded in tides
It happened as the powerful worms were at the source
It happened as the powerful worms were at the source
At the hollow mound it was senseless as the daggers
collided and changed the direction of its tack as it was leveled

Using the same method:

-Deuteronomy 28:1

גויי כל על

l-a   l-k   i-i-wf-g

Laeg loc eage-iew-wag

The lay and look at the eye was revealed and a wall

Using the same method:

-Deuteronomy 34:6

מול מואב בארץ

ts-r-ea-b   b-ea-wf-m   l-wf-m

Tos-seare-rab beuf-wom loma

It tossed, seared and raved above as it was bent where it looms

And these are some of the numerous other gems:

“Gaze on it all and how it was essentially horrible.”   -Numbers 6:4

“It quelled the living with stones that were abundant
It billowed forth thus as it ebbed at the gorges
in the lands with wasting heat.”    -Numbers 22: 38

“The battles on the living were woeful omens and flames that married.”    -Numbers 22: 41.

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