Through the Mists of Time Comes a Message

Sketch of Kerbstone 93, Knowth, Ireland, after Brennan, after A. Murphy.

Sketch of Kerbstone 93, Knowth, Ireland, after Brennan, after A. Murphy.

-B. L. Freeborn © 2013

My posts have been described as “a cohesive but crazy time cube.” I continue in my cohesively crazy manner to explain the Neolithic art at Knowth, Ireland on Kerbstone 93.

I will pause only long enough to tell you that I am a Civil Engineer that studied the movement of structures under great force (ie. earthquake engineering). What I am about to tell you is explained in detail with some very appropriate engineering drawings in my book, “The Deep Mystery.” If I were younger, I would have used this information for a PhD thesis, rather than a book. But I am not, so it is published as is…   Now for the matter at hand.

Kerbstone 93 is a perfect “napkin” drawing that should be common knowledge today but somehow we missed this obvious and simple concept. These ancient artists are telling us how the Earth behaves under an infinitely large impact load. They knew this information was important and they did the impossible. Not only did they survive such an event against all odds, but they left us a written record of it.

Kerbstone 93 is a simple drawing which is realistic in its depiction of an event with two key numbers beneath it. The two numbers we have seen before at this site so it is not surprising to find them so boldly depicted. The two numbers are 33.5 and 56. Because of a beautiful image by A. Murphy we can correct the right side of Martin Brennan’s sketch as shown. The correction depicts 2 C’s, an inclusive parentheses and a large crescent. This we might interpret as 2 in 1 or simply ½. So we must first count 3 C’s left facing, and 3 C’s right facing and then add the 1/2. This then gives us a left to right reading of 33.5.

The 56 is read quite simply by noting that the large line parenthesis beneath the cycle line marks out 5 top cycles and 6 bottom cycles from the 9 shown. I refer you again to my book “The Deep Mystery” which will give you a complete understanding of the importance of 56 and 33.5.

The diagram clearly depicts an event. Reading it left to right, we see an object with a center. It is approaching the Earth which is correctly depicted with its hard inner core, its fluid layer and the outer crust. Yes, it is clearly depicted with its hard inner core, its fluid layer and the outer crust. The short line at 11:00 depicts the impact site of the object on the left and the two lines at 2:00 show its final position. The swirl to the right is an explanation to the viewer. The artist explains simply, “It turned.”

This then is the message of Knowth from the scientists of an ancient era to the scientists of today. It is simple. It is straightforward. It is logical and if you are any sort of scientist, mechanic or engineer you should now understand why this appears cohesive, not at all crazy, and oh so important.

Praise for “The Deep Mystery, The Day the Pole Moved”…..

“…deeply interesting, unusual, astounding, and words really don’t describe it well. I read it quickly and couldn’t put it down.” – A.F.

“What you have uncovered makes perfect sense and is quite amazing. All those begats and numbers never did make any sense…until now. It all makes perfect sense since numbers will translate into any language…..they never change.” – J. R.


(1) Martin Brennan, “The Stones of Time.” Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions International, 1994.

(2) A. Murphy, 2000 at



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