Newark Decalogue Stone and Earthworks: An Unraveling Mystery

The following twenty-five posts were a pleasure to write and even more so to share with you. 

Newark Decalogue Stone and Earthworks: An Unraveling Mystery  … Full document as pdf.

B.L. Freeborn   © July 2013

“As a rule, innovation is welcome only when it is confined to surface details and does not modify the structure as a whole.” – Cyrus Gordon

Table of Contents

  1. Lepper’s One-Way Leap into Oh-Oh

    Front Face of Newark Decalogue Stone

    Front Face of Newark Decalogue Stone

  2. The Remains according to Romain

    Keystone found near Octagon in Newark, Ohio

    Keystone found near Octagon in Newark, Ohio

  3. Ohh… Let It Not be True

    Newark Earthworks, Link to James Q. Jacobs Site and Photos.

    Newark Earthworks, Link to James Q. Jacobs Site and Photos.


See another example of Ohio Hebrew here.

8 thoughts on “Newark Decalogue Stone and Earthworks: An Unraveling Mystery

  1. If you are to study the Newark artifacts, you must also explain the stone cup. You must explain why the Holy stone makes a 26.5 degree angle and is designed to work as a bob in a sun dial found in Adams county Ohio. Newark is located at the north end of the Hopewell road and the sun dial is located at the south end at the Ohio River. The 100 miles between the two are what I call The Killing Field. This is where the early Americans killed the migrating Bison with sticks and stone. These short legged Bison could not jump over two feet and this man made 100 mile long holding pen made it easy to maintain food for the natives.

    • Gilgemesh says:

      I explain the stone cup. I think you will be satisfied with that.

      I would explain the 26.5 angle but I could not find any reference or straight on photo of the keystone that would give me its angle. Do you have a reference?

      Do you have a link for info on the sundial?

      • I have 35 years of research on the sun dial because of a 500 lb stone mold found on my farm in Ohio. Much of this research was with the late Berry Fell. All of my work is from actual measurements and facts that support the subject. I am not an author, however I have posted 3 papers in Migration and Diffusion. (The Newport Tower, The Kensington rune stone and The Mystery stone of New Hampshire) You can see these papers and photos at the site under my name William Smith. The 26.5 angle on the Holy Stone is an actual measurement. It is also the holy angle of the ancient Egyptians and the base angle in the lodestone compass. I have a private web site on Yahoo groups called THOR. This stands for The Hunters of Ohio Rock. My main interest is in the study of navigational tools used in ancient navigation. The Newark artifacts according to many researchers are from the early Christians from Europe. (parts of the holy grail) with ancient Hebrew script. In addition to the artifacts at Newark are the findings of Shively and Horn that relate to the tracking of the moon.
        The Newport Tower in Rhode Island was built in 1472 by Portuguese fisherman to smoke cod fish for preservation until they reached market in Europe.

  2. What is your explanation of the stone cup? I have found it is a tool used to maintain latitude when sailing east or west. The way it was used is as follows. A- Fill the cup full of water at your home departing location. B- place the cup on a stick and point it toward the mid-day sun. C- remove the cup from the stick and place a mark at the new water level line inside the cup. D- During your journey at sea fill the cup with water to the marker inside, point it at the mid-day sun and observe if any water runs out. If so you are too far north, if it does not come to the rim you are too far south. Note: The marker ring inside the cup will vary in distance from the rim to allow for the change in height of the mid day sun due to season or 43 degree sun position during the year.

  3. Paul Stewart says:

    Probably the biggest problem this piece suffers from is a mixing of artistic styles. Jews, as well as Muslims, do not render the human form in their art at all. It is forbidden, and you will never see it, thus to see a full human figure front and center on this piece tells me it was made by a non-Jew, regardless of the fact that it contains Hebrew writing. Its of recent manufacture.

    • Gilgemesh says:

      My suggestion is that they were made by a Baalist.

      • william smith says:

        Is this the same Paul Stewart that claims the Kensington Rune Stone was made by Cooly (A railroad surveyor) and has a book to prove it. I guess the works of Hively and Horn at the Newark mounds can also be a fake. Where are the facts that during the time of Moses, Jews and Muslems did not carve images of important people. I guess the ancient Egyptian artifacts are also fake. Including thew first three kings holding the flail and septer.

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