The Mystery of Noah’s Age…Revisited

B.L. Freeborn – Oct. 2012

Noah’s age was the original topic of this blog and solving the mystery behind it. I suppose that once it is figured out the mystery and the mocking stops, and it is not quite as fun anymore. So, do we really want to solve it?

In my book “The Deep Mystery” I do solve the mystery but for the sake of experiment and confirmation I will take the time to delve into the number again and verify my original conclusions. So, I apologize in advance if this goes nowhere, since I begin afresh. In earlier posts, I speculated that 950 is a limit and I discussed the many ways we can convert the number to obtain other numbers.

Looking back over all those numbers I now see one number should have stood out. Notice that if 950 is inches we obtain 950 / 12 = 79.16 feet and we can also say that if 950 meant months then we obtain the same 79.16 years. This should have been a glaring red flag but most people do not see it as important for one of two reasons. The first reason is their society has already shifted away from the ancient system of measurement and is now using the less scientific (Yes – less!) metric system and so, do not recognize the importance of this number. The second reason is, although they may live in a country such as the US, still using the more scientific system (yes – more!) of feet and miles, they just do not recognize the number as representing the diameter of the planet they are sitting upon. The average diameter of the Earth is 7920 miles which any educated person should have recognized in 79.16 in a jiffy (but we didn’t).

So let us list the quarrels that will arise from this paragraph:

1 – Is the mile a more scientific system than the metric?

2 – Does Noah’s age refer to the diameter of the planet?

The first question is examined in my book “The Deep Mystery.” The derivation of the mile system is something of a wonder and leaves one with the chilling realization that as far as science goes, we are just babes lost in the woods. Someday – if our society can survive itself – we might understand what we once knew. Then we wonder  – if we, as a species, once knew so much, how did we forget it? And that question is answered by the very story which supplies the riddle. An Earth-wide flood would destroy such a society. Which leads to the next question – what can possibly cause an Earth-wide catastrophic flood?

There is a simple answer to that question and yes – I am going to refer you to my book  again. The answer is simple but if you don’t understand the mechanics of exactly how and where, and what’s more, if you don’t validate it to meet scientific evidence then it is nonsense. So – that takes a few good long chapters and you will find them in “The Deep Mystery: The  Day the Pole Moved.”  Or you can read…the paper listed in the sidebar: A Planet Most Miraculous

The second question can only be answered by looking at the other ages of the Patriarchs for similar information.

So, we begin again. By listing the Patriarchs, the age at which they fathered a son and the age to which they lived, a table can be formed. If we are diligent we can add the gematria of each man’s name as a first column. We will use the original spelling of the name as found in the Torah and the number value for each Hebrew letter as still used today.

So we have……

MAN’S                             SON          LIVED    TOTAL    YEAR

NAME:       GEMATRIA     BORN        AFTER      AGE      DIED


ADAM                45              130         800        930         930

SETH                 700            105         807         912       1042

ENOSH              357             90         815          905       1140

KENAN              210             70          840         910       1235

MAHALALEL       136            65          830         895       1290

JARED                214           162        800          962       1422

ENOCH                84             65        300          365         987

METHUSALEH     784          187        782          969        1656

LAMECH               90         182        595          777         1651

NOAH                   58        500        350           950         2006

This is the compiled list of the generations of Adam. If there is any validity to the idea that Noah’s age divided by 12 represents the diameter of the Earth then something else here must support that idea.

With very little trouble we see that Enoch did not live as long as his sires. In fact, the poor fellow lived about 1/3 of their life spans. He died at the respectable age of 365 years which sounds remarkably like the number of days in a year.

What else?

Well, I have pointed this out before. Noah in the Torah is spelled, (1 , so its gematria is 58. Compare 58 to the distance Earth travels about the sun in any given year, just over 584 million miles. This is weak evidence. However, I believe these were to catch our attention.

I will give you another example of how this is built to make us look closer. See the 777. The number itself catches our attention with its solid repetition. Does it seem as if it is bracketed by the 950 and 969 to draw our attention even further? And looking closer at the 595 to its left, 969 above it and 782 kitty-corner, we find the average of 595 and 969 is?  782. This repeats the 782 and is very nearly the value of Methusaleh’s gematria of 784. This value reminds us somewhat of the polar diameter of Earth at 7899 miles but not enough to be convincing.

If you care to, work on it for yourself . Or check out my book and simply read what I have found.

This is a mystery worth solving!



2 thoughts on “The Mystery of Noah’s Age…Revisited

  1. rsmarshal says:

    “Is the mile a more scientific system than the metric?”

    I think it is at the heart of which “science” you mean. The mile and that system were built based on the natural world, the metric system is based on the ten digits on our hands; it is a homocentric system imposed on nature.

    Similarly, science was once the study of nature and has now seemingly become how we can instill ourselves as masters of everything.

    So, “is it more scientific” depends on which definition of “science” you are using.

    I think that’s why I love the ancients so much: they stood in awe of the world around them as something marvelous.

    Not as a worn out, old discarded lover.

    • Gilgemesh says:

      I like your metaphor.

      I was referring to the science of today. The metric system is also built on the idea that each of the four quadrants of the earth is measured off as 10,000 kilometers to give a circumference of 40,000 kilometers. I think you mean by homo centric that it is earth based, man defined system.

      The mile system had much deeper thought put into it and is simply astonishing when studied. It is a celestial-solar based system.

      Not only did they stand in awe of it, they knew enough to respect, revere and fear it.

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