The Adena Tablets of Ancient Ohio – The Low Tablet

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low tablet alternate

Low Tablet. Art from ancient Ohio.

The Low Tablet was found by Edward Low in Parkersburg, West Virginia and can be viewed at the Ohio Historical Society. Its message provides a important link in understanding the symbolism on other tablets.

Center stage and in mirror image is a man with a distinctive hat made of two side appendages. Most would call him a shaman or medicine man. He might be more appropriately called a Prophet. This is the name of the Luwian (La Angle) Hieroglyph from ancient Turkey (3000-2000 BC) that portrays the same concept – a man with a hat with two appendages which appear to be feathers in a flame shape- is #524 Propheta. The idea that great leaders on far sides of the planet wore feather hats is easily accepted. That they are depicted as adorned by -two- feathers in opposite directions is interesting.

Prophet Symbol

Prophet Symbol

We find as usual the symmetry in the design and the appearance of the two eyed, two tailed Baal portrayed in each corner which confirms the topic. On each side of the prophet’s head we find two comets lying in their nests or, more aptly described, craters. If we focus directly on the face of the prophet we see the nose-forehead is a sort of upright object. At the ear positions are short strong straight lines. Similar lines above and below the faces give the impression of the cardinal directions. The chin is etched in as an over accented cup and looking at the face again we see the nose is then the comet and the chin is its crater. The feathers upon the head are then the two tails of the comet which suggests why the Anatolian Luwian glyph for Prophet has just two feathers in his hat. The remembrance and discussion of a two tailed comet appears to have been worldwide. That the conversation spanned two hemispheres is evident by the similar symbols.

Symbols 'wa' and "Magnus'

Symbols ‘wa’ and “Magnus’

The face suggests with its nose pillar and two eyes, symbol #439 with sound ‘wa.’ The deep chin suggests Magnus or great, symbol #363 which has sound ‘ur.’ Sounding out this simple word creates wa-ur in which we cannot help but hear ‘where.’ For sure, this is just what the interpretation suggests. When we hear of two comets striking Earth, we immediately ask, “Where?” Presumably the image answers the question it asks.

Low Tablet shown twice

Ala 78

Ala 78

Wing (Ala) on Lowe Tablet

Wing Symbol (Ala) on Lowe Tablet

There is another important glyph here that appears on other tablets. Symbol #78 Ala meaning ‘wing of army’ is shown. The wing of the Army of Baal can be none other than meteorites and other smaller masses which accompanied the comet that changed the world. Each wing is formed by four bars. Each section has two end to end Baals, four bars in the wing and the center line creates 2,4,1 or 241 which reminds us of the 24 hours in a day, 24 hours of longitude and that 241 x 241 = 58081. This number 241 provided the layout for the insect shape of the Gaitskill Stone Tablet. The distance Earth travels in a year around the Sun is 584 million miles.

The center bar repeats the idea of two and within it is found the series of numbers marked by diamonds 1,4,1,4,1 which when multiplied by 4 is the number 56564. The number is also the square root of 2. ( 2 = 1.4142 x 1.4142) This reminds us that a square of side 4 units has a diagonal of 5.65 units. The number is obtained by multiplying 4 times this pattern 1.4141. The series also creates the sum 11.

The overall layout of the piece is 2 (Baal at the top), 3 (craters and face), 1, 3, 2. This gives again the 23 32 pattern about a central pole. The doubling of the face suggests two such places that are identical or that the pole moved. Perhaps this answers the question “Where?” The comet struck at the original pole which caused it to move.

The number 2 is portrayed everywhere. The meaning of Deus in Latin is god while the meaning of duo is two. The glyph which represents Deus in the Hieroglyphs is a circle divided in two. Two Baal, a symbol split in two, Deus meaning god and duo meaning two all suggests a strong relationship between them. Or perhaps we should use the word ‘bi’ instead for two and confirm there are Bi-Baal at the top and bottom of the image. Each Baal has two tails so that 2,2,2,2 is created top and bottom which sums to 8. The total sum is 16 and the distance Earth travels in a day is 1,600,000 miles.

Across the face portion there are 2 Baal, 1 line (at the ear), 2 eyes, 1 line, 2 Baal which makes 2,1,2,1,2 or exactly the pattern displayed by the Grave Creek Tablet. The sum of 2,1,2,1,2 is 8. Interestingly 21212 x pi is 66637. The velocity of Earth is 66624 mph. However, pi which equals 3.1415 is not represented, or perhaps it is! Those 2’s at the top created 2222. A square of sides 2222 has a diagonal equal to pi x 1000.

The center bar also provides 56. Counting diamonds left to right, count five and stop at the middle and then from the middle to the far side is six. The four dots on the top panel are complemented by four dots on the bottom panel which represent the number 44. Divide the circumference of Earth in miles by 44 and obtain 565.5 once again. The numbers then are consistent from tablet to tablet and were not randomly chosen which reinforces that they are intrinsic to understanding the message and the culture.

What else might these tablets tell us about ourselves and what is missing from the history books?

The Waverly Tablet has the same little man face so we study it next.

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4 thoughts on “The Adena Tablets of Ancient Ohio – The Low Tablet

  1. David Baker says:

    The Low Tablet will be exhibited briefly at Campus Martius Museum at Marietta, OH. You refer to Symbol 78 ala. Where does that image appear on the tablet. Also is there a source that decodes the numbers that you mention? I have no idea what they mean or the origin of the system that underlies them. Thanks

    David B. Baker
    Learn about Marietta area history

    • Gilgemesh says:

      The posting has been updated with another image to show the Symbol 78 Ala – wing on the tablet.

      My book “The Deep Mystery” attempts to decode these numbers. “The Dimensions of Paradise” by John Michell is a popular work on ancient numbering systems. The postings on this blog are all working to explain this system of numbers (commonly called geodesy) and how they appear repetitively in ancient art, texts, and monuments. These numbers are basic to the planet and mathematics. Many of them cannot be defined by the ordinary person but are easily understood such as the diameter of the Sun. Its width is 864,336 miles. This number coincides with the seconds in a day, 86400. The latter number is easily traced back to the Sumerians. Demonstrating knowledge of the numbers in this ancient art should send a message to us in the present that they were aware of their importance. It also indicates a connection to someone with the ability to measure the values. Were they originally measured in Sumeria? Or in a much older culture? Understanding that the early American’s had knowledge comparable to their contemporaries in distant parts of the world gives us a better understanding of our history and who we are.

      Hope that helps. Thanks for the update on the tablet.

  2. Although Mr. Low is deceased, I find it criminal that the (then) Ohio Historical Society would STEAL that tablet from that man. He offered to put it there “on loan” and that was it. They refused to return it to him or his family. Pathetic that organizations can treat people with such lack of caring. Even though he died in 2010, his family should get that tablet back. Our family farm was stolen from us by “imminent domain” by the city of Hamilton, Ohio so I know all about politics. – BB

    • Gilgemesh says:

      I understand how you feel. But! And a very big but, how then would I have been able to see it, photograph it to share here, and write about it? Perhaps the idea of individual ownership of items such as this is obsolete and selfish thinking. In a few weeks there will be a post on the Bainbridge and McKensie Mound Tablets and as you would prefer they are ‘owned’ by Caldwell who has copyrighted the only existing photographs of them. They are not available for viewing etc. But items such as the Wilmington, Waverly and Cincinnati Tablets have been donated to institutions willing to keep them safe and viewable for generations to come. Sorry about your farm.

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