It Rained Arrows from the Sky

Largest “float copper”. A mere 28.2 tons. Or is this a piece of the Comet Baal? Photo by Lucy Hough

© 2016 B. L. Freeborn

The last post about Hudson Bay as a comet crater was an excerpt from the full article, “A Planet Most Miraculous: The Mechanics of Earth’s Rotating Crust,” which is about the Earth’s unique construction.

A comet that leaves a crater 1000 x 400 miles long must leave remnants behind which is exactly what we see in these images.

This comet was the likely source for the vast amount of pure copper mined out of Michigan thousands of years ago. It also explains the origin of the tradition of copper rings found in ancient American burials and even in European history as seen in the story Beowulf.

The copper shown here is a mere 28.2 tons and the museum piece is 34 tons.

Cape York Meteorite (Ahnighito)

Cape York Meteorite from an impact 10,000 years ago found in 1894.

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