The Adena Tablets of Ancient Ohio – The Wilmington Tablet

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The Wilmington Tablet is only 5″ by 3.8″ by .6″ thick. It is made of sandstone and resides in the Ohio History Museum, Columbus, Ohio. This artist could not have been more clear in his depiction yet it is displayed on its side and usually is described as a phallic image.

Wilmington Tablet

Wilmington Tablet, Ohio History Museum, Columbus, Ohio shown in its correct orientation.

Baal and his twin self are depicted at the top with one tail on the right and twin tails on the left. Central to the image is a massive comet projecting towards Earth. It is so enormous it dwarfs the mountains depicted at the bottom. Recall all of northeastern Canada down to Ohio was once covered by ice mountains two miles high. The swirling shapes to each side of the comet depicts the destruction that followed the impact. Hidden in these swirls are Hittite/Luwian glyphs from the Anatolian region of Turkey. Within every part of this image there are many numbers.

This is the essential and important story this tile relates in a blatantly realistic fashion. What is it that keeps us from seeing this clear depiction of an enormous comet?

The remainder of the message is told through glyphs and numbers. We began with a one tailed Baal and a two tailed Baal, or a comet that split into two. One and two helps us recall there are 12 houses in the heavenly Zodiac. Continue counting by noticing it is actually divided into four panels. The planet can be said to have four quadrants. A square of 4 units to the side has a diagonal of 5.65 units. At the middle horizontal line count across the comet and find 6 lines above but only 5 lines below for 56. Reverse this and obtain 65 or nearly the velocity of the planet at 66624 mph. Similarly, count 6 dot holes on the right half and 7 on the left half for 67. Reverse the number and obtain 76. The period of Halley’s comet is 76 years. Count 9 holes on the upper half but only 3 on the lower half for 93. The average distance between Earth and the Sun is 93 million miles. There is 1 hole in the left lower square and 6 in the upper left for 16. The Earth travels 1.6 million miles in a day. Reverse the number and find 61. There are 60 minutes in an hour and a square of 61 units to the side has a diagonal of 86.3 which suggests the Sun’s diameter of 864 thousand miles. The right side has 3 holes above and 3 below for 33 which gives the maximum change in latitude caused by the impact.

Side view showing double headed arrow on Wilmington Tablet

Side view showing double headed arrow on Wilmington Tablet

The 2 holes in the upper left Baal are next to 3 small fingers on the edge for 23. The upper sweeps of the comet’s tail are composed of 3 on one side and 2 on the other for 32. The square of 5.65 is 32. Reverse the number and find 23. Recall the Arctic Circle ends at 23 degrees and 30′ or approximately 23 degrees and 32 minutes.

There is a half circle on the centerline at the top. The tail on that side is one strong piece between two which makes 112. Or count the strong tail line as 1, the half circle as 1 and the other side of the tail supplies the 2 for 112. Above the middle line there is 1 hole below 1 hollow half circle and opposite there are 2 half circles for 112. The bottom left panel gives 1 half circle, 1 dot and 2 loops for 112. Each and every 112 is twice 56.

On the right lower there are 3 dots and 1 half circle for 31. This is pi³. Continue the count from 3,1 and then 5 lines and 1 half circle for 3151 which is close but off. It should be 3141 which is pi at 3.1415.

Surrounding the piece on the narrow edge is an arrow with a doubled arrowhead which repeats the idea of a double comet. A circle with a dot in the center is in the mid-shaft suggesting the crater or the all seeing eye of the north pole. Then it ends with fletching. This end has hash marks that alternate to make 8 per side or 4 per side depending on how it is viewed. Divide the circumference of the planet in miles by 44 and obtain 565.5 miles.

Sketch of Wilmington Tablet

Sketch of Wilmington Tablet from J. Ralston Skinner’s 1885 article.

At the bottom of the piece there is fringe which wraps up the left side. There are 2 on the left, then 10, then 9 to the right. Summing the last two obtain 19. Multiply this by the 2 from the side and obtain 38 which is half 76 or the period of Halley’s Comet of 76 years.

Alternatively, begin with the 9 and affix the 12 to obtain 912 which is just under Earth’s minimum distance to the Sun of 9.14 million miles. If a simple sum of 9 and 12 is taken, find 21 which when multiplied by pi is a hair under 66. The velocity of Earth is 66624 mph.

The next few numbers are important because they are arrived at by using the Inch System of measurement. The dimensions of the piece in inches is 5″ x 3.8″ x .6″. The sum of the length and thickness is 5.6 which repeats 56 again. Twice 3.8 is 7.6 which recalls the period of Halley’s Comet. The sum of the 3.8 and .6 is 4.4. The circumference of the planet is 565.5 miles x 44. Sum 3.8 and 5 and obtain 8.8. A mile is 880 feet times 6.

Before moving on to the glyphs let us take note of all the numbers found on this piece and compare it to the numbers found on prior tablets. Here we found: 12, 16, 21, 23, 23 32, 31, 32, 3, 33, 3.8, 38, 4, 4.4, 44, 5.65, 56, 61, 65, 66, 67, 76, 8.8, 9, 93, 112, 912.

The cumulative list from previous tablets follows. Those in bold were also found on this tablet. 108, 111, 112, 1212, 12321, 14, 1414, 16, 17, 212, 2121, 21212, 2166, 222, 23, 23 32, 23.5, 24, 241, 2486, 26, 31, 32, 33, 333, 34, 40, 43, 44, 52, 54, 56, 56.5, 56.5, 58, 6, 64, 66, 66624, 7, 72, 76, 777, 79, 792, 86, 88, 9, 90, 92, 93.3, 7924 and 8642.

Glyphs for Malleus (hammer or disease), Calleum (heaven), Mille (vast number), and sound 'sa'

Glyphs for Malleus (hammer or disease), Caelum (heaven), Mille (vast number), and sound ‘sa’

Next the artwork is examined to see if any hieroglyphs can be found. Begin with the upper left Baal and find the Luwian/ Hittite symbols for Malleus, Caelum and Mille all joined. The first means a mallet or disease, the second means heaven, and the last which is doubled means a vast number. The image suggests then a disease from heaven in vast numbers or in modern terms: comets and meteorites.

Luwian/Hittite Glyphs

Luwian glyph for Deus (god), glyph number 502, Ala (wing of army), sound ‘i’, and sound ‘sa’

Opposite this we find another Baal which is described by glyphs Caelum #182 (heaven) and the right side is a variation on Deus #360 (god). This symbol is very close to glyph #502 which has no meaning attached to it. The tail repeats the Mille glyph suggesting again a vast number. This is easily translated as ‘gods came from heaven’ and is just another way of saying in modern terms many powerful comets came.

Prophet Symbol

Prophet Symbol

The sweeping tails of the central comet are the feathers on the head of the prophet glyph.

Wing symbol meaning troops - Ala 78

Wing symbol meaning troops – Ala 78

Beneath this in the upper right panel the idea is expounded upon. Glyph # 78 for ‘wing’ is an army wing or troops. It lies above a circle-dot. This suggests the two comets arrived with troops making craters.

Glyph for sound 'i'

Glyph for sound ‘i’


The upper left panel explains more. The first is the upright with the dot for sound ‘i’ found in glyph #209. The two connected circle-dots form two ‘sa’. This ‘sa-sa’ suggests repeated ‘s.’ This spells out i-s-s or the name of the Egyptian god Isis. But it also resembles two Anglo words, ice and sess. The first we understand and the second we hear in sis-ter. Sess is a seat. Ice-sess than implies an ice-seat and so we may hazard to guess that Isis is ‘ice-sess.’ These glyphs are followed by another circle-dot for another ‘sa’ such as we hear in ‘see.’ It is next to the glyph for Caelum or heaven which is connected to the comet or the central pole. Putting this together we have ‘the seat within the ice from which all heaven can be seen at the pole.’ This is the North Pole. A long distant ancestor tells us the meaning of a Goddess in a far distant land with symbols long forgotten and words we still use.

Luwian Glyphs for Halpa (help), sound 'hwi', Cornu (horn) or sound 'su', and sound 'sa'

Luwian Glyphs for Halpa (help), sound ‘hwi’, Cornu (horn) or sound ‘su’, and sound ‘sa’

In the lower left panel find the glyph for ‘hwi’ #329 in the two twirls. The original way the word why was spelled was hwy. So it asks very clearly, “Why?” The symbol for Halpa or help lies above it which reiterates the exclamation. Towards the pole is the symbol for ‘sa’ #402. Above this is symbol #108 Cornu meaning a horn with sound ‘su’ probably meaning ‘to sow.’ The sequence suggests “Help! Why! A comet sown”

Luwian Glyphs

Glyphs for Lituus (a staff), sound ‘ha’ or ‘pa’, and Malus (evil))

The bottom right panel gives us once again the ‘sa’ for ‘see’ with Lituus #378, a staff. Then there is cross hatching which suggests glyph #224 with sounds ‘pa’ or ‘ha.’ ‘Pa’ begins the words pole, power, and post. While ‘ha’ is the Anglo word ‘heah’ which we know as high. The reversed 3 towards the edge is glyph #368 Malus or evil. Putting this together we have ‘to the seeing staff of the pole on high came evil.’

The image on The Wilmington Tablet is composed of many Luwian Hieroglyphs which tell a story.

The image on The Wilmington Tablet is composed of many Luwian Hieroglyphs which tell a story.

This is the same message people on both sides of the world knew, understood, discussed and shared as revealed by their common knowledge of the subject, manner of depiction, and embedded numbers. They ask “Why! On high did this great evil come?”

This leaves the reader still wondering. Could it be? And where? Where is the evidence of this evil? But they tell us. Baal (Deus or god) struck at 56.5 as the Hebrew word for god, Yahweh, echos in its number gematria. Transcribing this word into numbers gives 5,6,5,10 or 56.5. Indeed, further still one must hear the word ‘why’ pronounced the original way ‘hwy’ in the word Yahweh.

But we need a second reference to find a location and this they provide. Recall in our prior number list (see Meigs Tablet and Kiefer Tablet) was the number 792 and this is the length of the diagonal of a square of sides 56. It also recalls the diameter of the Earth at 7920 miles. From the line of longitude of greatest displacement they traveled east 79.2 degrees and defined the zero longitude point at Greenwich, England at the same place it is today. This number of degrees was chosen to honor the diameter of the planet. So, reverse their journey! Travel back due west 79.2 degrees of longitude and find the home of Bi-Baal. The reader is encouraged to discover the place for himself. It is summed up by this pun: Holy Bible. Find the holy bible (hole lay bi-Baal) or the hole laid by two Baals.

More to learn about ourselves in upcoming posts.

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