The Message of the Newberry Tablet – Part I

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Smithsonian Photo of Newberry Tablet, compliments of Roger Jewell

Smithsonian Photo of Newberry Tablet, compliments of Roger Jewell

From the previous post:  The Newberry Tablet’s authenticity, like all inscribed artifacts found in North America, is much debated. The best place to see it as it exists today is to watch Scott Wolter’s episode in “America Unearthed.” Virtually destroyed, there are few pictures of it in existence. The best pictures are in Roger Jewell’s book, “Ancient Mines of Kitchi Gummi” which is a well thought out explanation of the copper mines in the Lake Superior area and worth reading.

We continue: The images here are compliments of Roger Jewell. Thank you.

In the last post the overall number layout of the tablet was discussed and now it is time to look at some of the symbols. They may be viewed as letters by some and hieroglyphs by others. Barry Fell viewed them as letters from the Cypriot Alphabet and translated it accordingly. The two letters that led him to think it was of that alphabet are seen (counting from left, top)  in box 1,9 (next to the dot) and 13,3. Beyond these two there is little resemblance. These two symbols repeat in the array but we begin not with them but the symbols in the first box that looks like a C since it would seem the topic should be announced first.

This C symbol repeats at 6,1; 11,2 and 14,9 (or 1,2 from the bottom corner). Note these numbers are formed 11 or 1, 61, 16, 112, 914 and 1 to 2. The last (1 to 2) is what the overall image suggests as discussed previously. The 112 is twice 56. The ones and 11 speak of creation but what of the 16, 61 and 914? The first number in the Torah is 913. The number of miles the Earth travels in a day is 1600,000. The Earth at its closest approach to the Sun is 91.4 million miles from the Sun. But is there another relationship?

Sketch of Kerbstone 86

Sketch of Kerbstone 86

Perhaps its shape gives us a clue. It is a cup. It is the shape of the center of Stonehenge’s main uprights. The first sound of cup is K and this sound in Hebrew is denoted by a C shape. The word cup is repeated in the word copper which was mined heavily in the region where this tablet was found. This C shape is the symbol for ‘great’ with sound ‘ur’ from Luwian Hieroglyphs (see number 363). It was repeated four times on Kerbstone 86 at ancient Knowth in Ireland. The word ‘origin’ begins with this ‘ur’ sound and the Old English word ‘or’ means origin and ore. Does the cup indicate the origin of copper ore?

Previously Hudson Bay has been discussed and geographically this tablet is from Michigan rather close to the bay with its TWO large cup shapes at 56.5 N and 79.2 W. Hmmmm. As it says there are 2 at 1 the origin.

What then is in box 5,6? (row 5, column 6). The symbols should be consistent with the suggested meaning. There is a Y at 5, 6 and the cup shape repeats with a double box in it at column 5 row 6. The former suggests this is the split which confirms the idea of origin and the latter suggests tiles/grid in the cup once again confirming the idea. Opposed to the cup in the far corner is a dot, or an eye, or the repeating of the idea of ‘here it begins’ in box 1,10 or 1,1.

This is a good beginning. After all there are 138 symbols or 2 x 79 or maybe 79.2 and that is the longitude of Hudson Bay. But!!!!!! That longitude is measured from England where lies Stonehenge with its large ‘cup’ configured monoliths and more recently discovered identical CUP inscription. (See this well written paper.) And what’s more! The diameter of Earth is 7920 miles. Coincidence! Or is it? Remember that number 914 from above and the 913 from the first number in the Torah? 914/565 is????  And its inverse is??? (Hint: Golden _ _ _ _ _ )

More to follow……… on the message of the Newberry Tablet.

Study of symbols of Newberry Tablet

Study of symbols of Newberry Tablet

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