Another Secret Hidden in the Hebrew Alphabet

© 2019 B. L. Freeborn

It was suggested previously that the alphabet as preserved in the Hebrew Script represents the original Indo-European Language and that each letter represents a sound, number and idea.

In the last posts ea, b, g; d, h, wf, z, ch, t; I k, L; m, n, s; A, p, ts; q, r, sh and th were examined.

Consider that the sounds may have been assigned to the numbers to preserve a specific message. Then each time the alphabet was read certain words were spoken.

Does a-b-g-d-h-u-z-ch-t-i-k-l-m-n-s-a-p-ts-q-r-sh-th say something?

It is suggested that it did originally tell a specific story. This is why the letters k, l, m, n have maintained their order as they were transferred into various alphabets. The meaning of the words as they are found in this series was stated at the end of each post. All the words are gathered together below in order.

Does it say….

It ebbed as it was done in a big way. It wandered as it was divided and somehow it was driven away. The warriors chattered at the tie. Increasingly it was killed and lamed. Yet men survived. The story repeated as it put it here and tossed it. It tossed the magnetic pole into a quern as it rushed the sheath.

ea-b or aeb = ebb;

b-g or beg = to do, care for, used today in the phrase “that is very big of you”;

g-d or gad (wandering in lack)

d-h or dah = division, partial

h-wf or hu = how, hwy = why

wf-z or fys = feeze, drive away

z-ch or secg = ‘sedge’, reed, sword, warrior

Key to the Hebrew Letters and the Latin Letter that will serve to substitute for it in this study due to font issues.

ch-t or ‘chette’ = chatter from raescettan = crackle, creak;

t-i or tieg = to tie, bind;

i-k or iec = increase;

k-l or cyll = skin, kill

l-m or lama = cripple, lay;

m-n or man = mankind, force, troop;

n-s or nes = escape, survive

s-A or seg = say, story;

A-p or apa = repeat, manifest;

p-ts or put-toss.

ts-q or toss – cue;

q-r or cweorn = quern; queer = unusual state

r-sh or raesc = shower, raesc = vibrate, quiver;

sh-th or sceath = sheath, covering.

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