A Magnificent Array of Numbers Awaits

By B.L. Freeborn © 2013

Before we move on let us collect together all the numbers we have seen so far. In the Decalogue we had 16, 56, 5656, 58, 69, 69.2, 70, 79, 86 and 864. At the East Fork Works we found 864,000 and 860. We also found 66, 584 and 792, and 1859 twice. We also found conversion from feet to inches to repeat numbers. The tenth mile, 528, appeared here and at the High Bank Works. 900 was used twice, .333 appeared as acreage, and Millon’s 187 appeared as its half 935. We found 560, 440 and 30 degrees and showed how the circumference of the planet, 24880, is related to 440 and 565.

thornoverallThis is a considerable list. Let us resume by looking at these last few. Let us say we want to make a diagram that is simple yet complex, elegant and magical all in one. We begin with the concept of the circle and create two 860 feet in diameter. Then set the centers at 2400 feet apart. The 24 will represent the number of hours in a day on our planet. This means the distance between the two circles will be joined by a path 1540 feet long or 2 x 770. This is perfectly ideal since it reflects the number of days in the week and 7 is a purely magical number.

We add a third circle to our drawing. This circle has a diameter of 640 or twice 320. We choose this value for several reasons. Note that 640 + 860 equals 1500 and a planet that turns once in 24 hours turns 15 degrees in an hour. This value 320 can be thought of as 10 x 32, or 10 x 5.656 x 5.656 and that makes it truly magic. It is 56 squared!

What distance should they be set apart? What about 2480 feet? This will give us the circumference of the planet. The distance between these two final circles will then be 2480 – 320 – 430 = 1730. And what is this number but 2 x 865 feet which …almost… completes the elegance of the idea.thornpaths.

But something is missing….. Three circles all in a row with one small and two large gives us 1 and 2 or 12, or the number of houses of the zodiac at 30 degrees each. The overall length of the structure becomes 5630 feet. It needs to be a few feet larger or smaller. If we push the circles out of alignment we can change the overall length to 5600 feet and we do it in a manner so that the tangents drawn from each side of the outer circles differ in length by the final magic number 79. Indeed, because the first circle is of a radius of 320 feet and we desire an overall length of 5600 then the center of the first circle lies exactly one mile, 5280 feet, from the outer edge of the furthest circle. To do this the structure must bend about 5 degrees. Almost perfect…. We can perfect it by making the paths between the circles 200 feet across or 2400 inches for the hours in the day and this will mean the area of the upper path is 7.94 acres (nearly the desired 7.92)  and the lower becomes 7.07 acres.

thorntangentsThe magic need not end there. This work will betray more numbers as the circles are surrounded by ditches and within them concentric circles of mounds and more ditches will be built. The structure will be in all ways a great tribute.

But where shall we put this large and magnificent display of the most important numbers in the world?



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