The Indo-European Language in Summary

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It was suggested previously that the alphabet as preserved in the Hebrew Script represents the original Indo-European Language and that each letter represents a sound, number and idea.

David Sacks, author of the excellent work on the alphabet “Letter Perfect: The Marvelous History of out Alphabet from A to Z”, would not approve of anything written here. He relates that the letters were created to describe objects such as houses, sticks, monkeys, mouths and eyes etc.

What has been proposed in these posts and reiterated below is the idea the alphabet was developed to describe physical principles such as continuity, points, and negation. This is the vocabulary of scientists. Their need to relate their discoveries and preserve the history of the apocalypse drove the development of this sound/number/symbol system and resulted in a language that spread from one scientific mind to the next until it was well….. pretty much known world-wide. We find it in its most basic form in Anglo-Saxon (Old English) and in its advanced and far distant forms in such places as Japan and Canada.

From Anglo-Saxon: toss and name (meaning ‘to take possession’);

compare from Japanese: tsunami  (meaning ‘a wave that tosses and takes’).

From Anglo-Saxon: ness (headland), top and pock;

compare to the name in the native language of Hudson Bay:  Nastopoka Arc.

Here is a summary of the significant ideas of the Indo-European Language:

‘a’ source, ‘b’ to be bisected, ‘g’ action, rotation,

‘d’ a division or state,‘h’ on high, ‘wf’ ongoing,

‘z’ to sever, severeness, ‘ch’ to change,

‘t’ a place of union, linear action, ‘I’ the eye or center,

‘k’ the impact crater and its properties,

‘L’ to lie where it fell, to lay out, to be in a line,

‘m’ more, might, measure of, ‘n’ negation, to reverse in direction yet continue,

‘s’ continuous state of being, unbroken, ‘A’ assigned, custom law,

‘p’ power in the small or great, ‘ts’ to harm by tossing, teasing, twisting, action that harms,

‘q’ magnetic pole and force,

‘r’ behavior of an explosion,

‘sh’ becoming infinitely small or transparent, ephemeral

and ‘th’ denotes importance and order of events.

Key to the Hebrew Letters and the Latin Letter that will serve to substitute for it in this study due to font issues.

Before this topic is concluded, let us use the above to look at a few interesting words.

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