The New Debate Begins

By B.L. Freeborn © 2013

Stone bowl found with Decalogue Stone.

Stone bowl found with Decalogue Stone.

The old debate revolved around the authenticity of the Decalogue Stone, the Keystone, the Johnson-Bradner Stone and the little teacup size stone bowl. The new debate will be much more fierce. The presence of the little bowl from a specific point in time has much to say in the argument. When excavating at Qumran bowls of this nature were found and they are used to date sites to no later than 200 AD. Their original use was for ritual bathing before prayer. This concurs with the date given for construction of Newark Earthworks from 250 – 500 AD. Whether we like it or not, these objects are from the appropriate period which weighs heavily for their validity not only as being real but a true component of the Newark Earthworks. Discarding them because they just don’t fit our picture is grossly negligent science.

But as Feder points out there is little if any other surviving evidence that people from the Old World were in Ohio except for these random few objects and…..the artifacts hundreds of feet in diameter. Despite the cohesive numbering system, the identical nature of structures supposedly built thousands of years apart on different continents, which just happened to be aligned by longitude and latitude to sites a half a world away, despite all this, we are told that tribal people got up one day and said lets dig a ditch in the shape of a circle because …. we are inspired by….? by what?

Coincidences are explained away far too easily. We are told the early North Americans could not have understood latitude and longitude thousands of years before we did. The very, very early neolithic Englander had just mastered stone tools. Therefore, we take the stance they could not understand it either. These assumptions are then used as proof that they are not aligned. Period. Despite numerical evidence to the contrary this is the assumption we are asked to accept!

More difficult to understand about all these sites, and especially Newark where we have evidence that not one but perhaps three of these phylactery sets existed, is despite the obvious Jewish connection, there is no knowledge of any such connection in the Jewish Rabbinical sources. Further still, there is no acknowledgment that words such as mentioned above (Yahweh, Noah, Moses, Elohim) have any relationship to celestial measures as noted. Which in the end proves only that if the Decalogue Stone and Key Stone have been in Ohio for two thousand years they were not the property of a person of Jewish belief. But this statement contradicts the Johnson-Bradner stone’s presence in the skull. Finding it there suggests the person was ceremonially laid to rest with the stone in the correct position upon the forehead as a believer would use it.

There are other elements to this whole story we have let drop out of the argument. There were quartz balls found. Round pyrite balls have been found at other sites. The case of the Decalogue Stone when closed forms a rounded stone. Recently beneath Teotihuacan balls were found. From the Jewish Old Testament comes stories of execution of large numbers of Baalists. There is a celebration called Beltane that existed in early Irish culture the meaning of which is reduced to a fertility ceremony today. We have also discussed the resemblance of the Decalogue’s man in profile to a Ugaritic statue. And have we forgotten in our haste to return to status quo the idea that the site spells out via gematria 23 32 or Keg Baal?

Could Baal be a comet that left a crater like a keg? Let us follow this last idea and tell the story of Baal using Newark as an illustration and see how the debate proceeds from there.

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One thought on “The New Debate Begins

  1. It is glad to see someone is talking about these objects rather than accepting the story they are fake. These items were found at the north end of The Hopewell Road which is 100 miles long and begins at Manchester Ohio.

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