Ancient Irish Way Too Advanced for Us?

Knowth Kerbstone 118 and its Mathematical Message.

Knowth Kerbstone 118 and its Mathematical Message.

Knowth Kerbstone 118 is a very simple drawing. Using the same techniques we used to look at Kerbstone 52 and 42 we see that this also conveys numerical data.

It is 9 up and down cycles arranged in an L shape. The corner is exaggerated in width so I count each corner curve. This drawing is really quite clever and conveys much more than expected in a quick glance.

The drawing is interpreted as 3, 2, 7, 7 which makes 3277 = square of 57.24. The number of degrees in a radian are 57.29.

Calculating the sum 3 + 2 + 7 + 7 = 19 which is a reference to the diameter of Earth’s orbit. It is 186 million miles or roughly 190 million. If the corner is counted only once then the sum becomes 18 which is the typical reference to this dimension of the Solar System.

The 7, 7 makes 77   and 3, 2 makes 32   …so…

77 / 32 = 2.40   The number of hours in a day is 24.

32 / 77 = .416  is a special number that is related to the Mesoamerican monuments and explained in “The Deep Mystery.”

32 + 77 = 109  is the ratio of Earth’s diameter to the Sun’s diameter.

32 and 77 have another meaning which can be found in “The Deep Mystery.”

The following can also be found: 7 for 7 days in a week, 5 x 14 = 70 is the rounded up distance between two degrees of longitude at the equator and 32 = 5.65 squared.

Accurate numerical data is just not what we are expecting from people in the distant past which is why we are so hesitant to accept the veracity of the interpretation. But we will see in the next readings that these counts and numbers are not accidental.



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