The Adena Tablets of Ancient Ohio – The Numbers

© 2014 B. L. Freeborn, updated Sept. 2022

Scattered throughout the previous posts on ancient art have been numbers. The compiled list is:

108, 111, 11111, 112, 12, 1212, 12321, 123454321, 14, 1414, 16, 17, 21, 212, 2121, 21212, 216, 2166, 222, 23, 23 32, 23.5, 24, 241, 2486, 26, 28, 3, 31, 32, 33, 333, 34, 3.8, 38, 4, 40, 43, 4.4, 44, 52, 54, 5.65, 56, 56.5, 565, 58, 6, 61, 64, 6.5, 65, 66, 66624, 67, 6.9, 7, 72, 76, 77, 777, 79, 792, 7924, 86, 8642, 8.8, 88, 9, 90, 912, 92, 93, 93.3.

This is a substantial list. To make understanding it easier they are grouped by the first digit and explained below.

All the numbers can be related back to values associated with the planet or the solar system. They were either defined, calculated, or determined by measurement. The 12 Houses of the Zodiac or 12 months of the year are defined. Numbers such as 108 are calculated. It is the distance from the Earth to the Moon divided by the diameter of the Moon, or it is how many ‘moons fit’ between the Earth and Moon. The original values must be determined by direct measurement. Someone had to have the mathematical skills and tools to make an accurate determination that the diameter of the Moon is 2160 miles. This person did not necessarily have to live in ancient Ohio or even in that time period. The values could have been passed down to them just as they are to us today through education and sharing.

The question becomes how far distant in the past were they first measured? The story told by the tablets suggests people were well able to measure longitude, latitude, and determine celestial values long before the comet impact. Neither the artists nor the population needed to know how to obtain the values just as the average person today cannot calculate them. That these concepts and measurement units have existed for eons of human history becomes apparent when one learns they are simply not as arbitrary as the length of some man’s foot 3000 years ago. Indeed, they were chosen with extraordinary care so that the repetitiveness and harmony of the numbers is revealed when the Mile System is used for measurement in the sciences.

To illustrate how the numbers of the mile system repeat, a few examples follow. The diameter of the planet is 7920 miles. The number of protons in Gold is 79. The length of a surveyor’s chain is 792 inches long or 66 feet. A furlong is 7920 inches or 660 feet. The velocity of Earth is 66,624 mph. A Sumerian inch was .66 inches long. A mile is 5280 feet or 660 x 8 feet long (8 furlongs). Noah’s age was 950 years. Divide this by 12 and obtain 79.17.

The ratio of the distance from the Earth to Sun: Earth to Moon is 400. The last letter in the Hebrew Alphabet is Tau or ‘th’ with value 400. By –definition- there are 86400 seconds in a day and equally be definition, there are 86400 seconds of longitude in the measurement of Earth. The diameter of the Sun is approximately 864,000 miles. Using those same seconds 1000 of them are required for light to travel the distance equivalent to Earth’s orbital diameter. This nominal value cannot be coincidental. Each of those miles marking out the Sun’s diameter is 5280 feet. The diameter of this planet can be obtained by multiplying 5280 by 1.5 or 7920 miles. Conversely it can be said there are 109 Earth diameters in the diameter of the Sun which brings us back to the distance between the Earth and Moon. The average distance can be said to be 109 moons. The Earth travels 1,599,000 miles or essentially 1,600,000 miles in a day and there are 16 cups in a gallon. There are 16 ounces in a pound. Oxygen’s molecular weight is 15.99.

Consider further the mile of 5280 feet. There are 12 Houses in the Zodiac. 5280 feet / 12 is 440. There are 1584,000 seconds in 440 degrees. Compare this number to the distance Earth travels in a day given above. The circumference of the planet divided by 440 is 565 miles. Furthermore, the area of an acre appears arbitrary until it is examined. An acre is 44,000 -440 square feet or 43560 square feet. Observe this 43560 is composed of two values. Twice 43 is 86 or it repeats the diameter of the Sun. The 56 is the value just discussed related to the circumference of Earth.

If the year is divided into 7 day weeks there are 52.14 weeks in a year. If we think of this number in terms of degrees and convert it to degrees and minutes we obtain 52 and 8.4 minutes. Compare this to 5280 feet in a mile. Indeed, the Astronomical Unit (AU) or what is considered scientifically to be the average distance between the Earth and Sun is 92,956,050 miles. (NASA) The mile is 88 x 60 feet. Divide the AU by 88 and obtain 1056,318 or 2 x 528,160. In other words, the AU is approximately 5280 x 88 x 2 x 1000 miles. And the mile is 5280 = 88 x 60 feet. Working the values in reverse 5280 x 88 x 2 x 1000 gives an Ancient AU of 929280,000 which for all intents and purposes is the same as the modern value except it is easier to remember with its repetition of 92.

This whole repetitive process can be continued ad nauseam. In other words, a lot of thought went into choosing the length of an inch, foot, and mile and the number of seconds in a day in order to make this system synchronize with the Solar System.

Let us take a moment to look at the metric system. The diameter of the planet is 12,742 km. There are 86400 seconds in a day. The diameter of the Sun is approximately 1,390,570 km. The circumference of the planet is 40,000 km. The Earth travels 2,534,400 km in a day. The AU is 148,729,680 km. Nothing repetitive appears.

Interestingly, the metric system uses nautical miles to calculate longitude and latitude. There are 60 nautical miles per each degree of longitude at the equator. There are 6076 feet in a nautical mile. The length of a nautical foot is 13.8 inches. This is twice 6.9 inches. There are 69.17 statute miles between degrees of longitude at the equator.  There are 21600 nautical miles in the Earth’s circumference which sounds remarkably like the Moon’s diameter of 2160 statute miles.

The numbers as found in the tablets…….

108……….. The distance in moons from the Earth to the Moon. The radius of the Moon is 1080 miles.

…………….. The distance in Suns from the Earth to the Sun. The radius of the Sun is 1080 miles x 400.

111, 11111 ……….A suggestion of infinity and the power of 1. Multiply 11 x 11 and obtain 121. Multiply 11111 x 11111 and obtain 123454321. The longitude of Barringer Crater, Arizona is 111.

112………… Twice 56.

12 ………Houses in the Zodiac. Months in a year.

1212 ……….Times pi is 3807 or half of 76. There are 76 years in the period of Halley’s Comet.

12321, and 123454321 ………See 111 above.

14……….. 4 x 14 is 56.

1414 ……… The square root of 2 is 1.414. The diagonal of any square is this number times its side length.

16 ………..The distance Earth travels in a day is 1.6 million miles. The number of cups in a gallon.

17 ………Twice 17 is 34.

21, 212, 2121, 21212…….. Multiply by pi and obtain the velocity of the planet at 666,24 mph.

216, 2166 ………..The diameter of the Moon is 2160 miles.  Years in an ecliptic House of the Zodiac (30 degrees) is 2160.

222…….. A square of sides 2222 has a diagonal of pi x 1000.

23, 23 32, 23.5 ……….The Arctic Circle ends at 23.5 degrees or 23 degrees 30 minutes. This is also the angle of tilt of the planet. The angle varies from 23.5 to 24.5 degrees over 40,000 years.

24 …………..Hours in a day. Was this chosen to coincide with the average tilt of the planet?

241 ……….The square of 241 is 58081. The Earth travels 584 million miles in a year.

2486 …….. Circumference of Earth is 24880 miles.

26 ……….Twice 26 is 52. There are 52 weeks in a year.

28 ……….Twice 28 is 56.

31 ……….The cube of pi is 31.

32 ………The square of 5.65 is 32.

3, 33, 333, 34 ………….. The latitude change of the old pole.

34………….. Twice 17 is 34. The maximum difference between the magnetic pole and true north after the pole was displaced.

3.8, 38 …………….. Twice 38 is 76 or the period of Halley’s comet.

4, 40 …………….A square of sides of 4 (or 40) has a diagonal of 5.65 (or 56.5) units.

43 ………….The radius of the Sun is 432,000 miles.

4.4, 44 …………. The circumference of Earth divided by 44 is 565.5 miles.

52……..The number of 7 day weeks in a year.

54………… Twice 27. The distance to the asteroid belt beyond Mars is 2.77 AU (Astronomical Units). Twice 54 is 108. See 108 above. The latitude of England and Denmark. The circumference of a circle of diameter 17.

5.65, 56, 56.5 ……..Latitude of Hudson Bay and mouth of St. Lawrence seaway.

58…………… The Earth’s orbital circumference is 584 million miles.

6, 61 ………….Time and distance are both measured 60 minutes to the hour and 60 seconds to the minute. The solar system is interestingly enough 60 AU wide!

64 ………….Four cubed is 64. The diagonal of a square of 4 units is 5.65. Twice 32 is 64. 5.65 squared is 32.

6.5, 65 ………….The value 56 reversed. Latitude of Hudson Bay.

66, 66624 …………The velocity of Earth is 66624 mph.

67 ………..The velocity of light 671 million mph.

6.9 ……….The distance between two degrees of longitude at the equator is 69.17 miles.

7 ………..Days in a week.

72 ……….The number of years for the north pole to precess one degree.

76, 77 ………The period of Halley’s Comet.

777 ………The square of 27.9 or the approximate distance to Neptune is 2790 million miles. The distance to the asteroid belt is 2.79 AU. 777 squared is the number of seconds in 7 days or 604800.

79, 792, 7924 ………Diameter of Earth varies from 7899 to 7927 miles.

86, 8642 ………Diameter of the Sun is 864,200 miles roughly or exactly 864336 miles.

8.8, 88 ………… There are 88 x 600 feet in a mile. The square root of 7920 is 88.99. The square root of 7900 is 88.88.

9, 90 ………..There are 90 degrees from the equator to the pole. There are 90 degrees in a quarter of the circumference of Earth. The longitude of Cahokia Mounds is 90 degrees 3 minutes. Minimum and average distances between Earth to the Sun is 91.4 million miles.

92, 93, 93.3 …………The average distance between Earth and Sun is 93 million miles.

Without a doubt someone with skill measured these celestial and earthly values long ago and diligently through time they were preserved. The values and measures as they come down to us give testament to a prior technical civilization. Without a doubt this is the reason these values are preserved over and over in ancient art. The numbers serve a phenomenally important purpose and tell a good portion of the story of the tablets.

The beautiful Ohio Adena Pipe now a Ohio State symbol is up next. After that, we have yet to explore the Hopewell Shaman – Bear and translate the Grave Creek Stone. Many interesting posts are to come.

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The Ancient Secret Hidden in Noah’s Age

The meaning of Noah’s age can be understood by relating it to astronomy and the most important numbers related to Earth: its diameter, the distance it travels in a year and its distance from the Sun.

Darren Aronofsky’s new movie “Noah” will be released this month. One does not have to believe the story to wonder about it. Indeed, wondering about it includes questioning the age to which Noah lived. The image above solves the riddle but leaves us still in a state of disbelief.

If we accept the premise that the ages of Noah’s fathers gives us Earth related values, then we must ask how did they determine these values in the first place which have been calculated only recently by our finest scientists? This suggests there previously existed a society upon this planet which had achieved a high level of scientific achievement and someone was determined not to let this knowledge be lost. In fact, the story of Noah relates just such an idea, the demise of the world‘s entire civilization. In contemplating this mystery one should consider we still use the Sumerian’s system of time measurement and the forerunner to the Noah story existed in their society.

So then, we are forced to give up the absurd idea of giants and men living ten centuries and we must trade it for an even more fascinating mystery. Unless one has accurate knowledge of these values it is impossible to reveal the secrets of the Old Testament (or Torah). This then is how this secret has alluded us for so many centuries. What had originally been created to help keep the memories of the sages strong and accurate became a mystery to us. This also proves despite fervent use of the sword through the centuries to eradicate this knowledge, the pen is still mightier.

The mystery is not gone. It lays before us rich and deep. We need no boat large enough to contain all animals, nor the gravelly, steady voice of Russell Crowe to make it true. We need only appreciate the Earth and recognize that it is the only vessel large enough to carry all which lives around the Sun for a full year, year in and year out.

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Perfection Lost, Perfection Found

By B.L. Freeborn © 2013, updated Nov. 2018

Right side of Newark Earthworks from Burks drawing.

Right side of Newark Earthworks from Burks drawing.

The most accurate existing map of the Newark Mounds was made by David Wyrick who found the much debated Holy Stones. It is similar in appearance to a map made by Burks and is found in Alrutz’s book. The most striking difference between the latter two and the Squier-Davis map is in the depiction of the large oval north of Wright Square which appears as a half circle in the Squier image. The structure lay very close to Raccoon Creek which was probably used to fill the oval for ceremonial use during spring festivals when the creek would have been full. The Squier survey gives a cross section of the neck of the oval that projects to the southwest towards the creek. It seems to be constructed in such a manner that water flow could have been restricted. (The east-west straight line is a railroad and the north-south wavy line is the canal built through the structures.)

Detail through neck of Oval at Newark Earthworks from Squier-Davis drawing.

Detail through neck of Oval at Newark Earthworks from Squier-Davis drawing.

The concept that this Oval could have been filled with water would be even more important to the Decalogue Debate if it can be shown to relate to the story of Noah, the ark and the flood as was suggested in the sideways “ark” appearance of the Decalogue Stone.

We leave the oval and notice that the square and oval are connected via mound lined paths to the Octagon very similar to those we saw at Thornborough. Those were about 200 feet across. These are also 200 feet across. The path from the Oval is different in that its middle is raised perhaps to allow foot traffic while the ditch on each side is flooded ceremonially.


The paths at Newark Earthworks form angles as they meet at the Octagon. Drawing made from satellite image and blending in missing portions from Squier-Davis Drawing. By B.L. Freeborn.

Having arrived at the Octagon via the path we note that the paths form angles as they converge. They are depicted by each artist in a strikingly similar manner. Their angles and a bit of math is shown in the above image. We find a repeat of the number 56 and the reappearance of 584. The 140 is twice 70 which we have seen before. A new and simple number appears and that is an angle of 50 degrees.

Does 50 have any pertinence to our growing list? Indeed it does! The engineer of the past left no possible element in his design to chance. The sin 50 degrees = .766. We have seen this number in Newark’s distance from the Serpent Mound (76.6 nautical miles). We shall see it again. We might want to pause to note that the square root of 7.66 is 2.76767…. (repeating infinitely) which makes it quite interesting. While the root of 7.7 is a slightly less impressive 2.77 although the 7’s are repeated in the root. From Geller Hill, which sits rather quietly to the southwest of the Earthworks, it is 7.7 miles south to where Wyrick and others found the Decalogue stone at the site where the Great Stone Mound was. In other words, Geller Hill and Great Stone Mound are located 7.7 miles apart. We might want to add that from Grave Creek Mound it is 79.2 miles to Geller Hill, a strikingly important number! We shall look next at what else Romain discovered about this hill.

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A Holy Place Lies Here

By B.L. Freeborn © 2013, updated Nov. 2018

Famous drawing of Earthworks in Newark, Ohio by Squier, Davis and Whittlesey, 1837-1847.

Famous drawing of Earthworks in Newark, Ohio by Squier, Davis and Whittlesey, 1837-1847.

Hopewell is a name of coincidence. It is the name given to the mound builders of Ohio. Adena is the other name bestowed on them. Hopewell comes from the name of the man who settled land on which mounds were situated. Adena, similarly, came from the name of a homestead. Neither name has any historic relevance. Yet when these mounds were laid out, did not their designers Well Hope they would last for eons? Would they have situated them where they had the best chance of surviving? If we can figure out how they were placed will that give us a clue to the knowledge within the minds that placed them?

We have noted the importance of 40 in Judaism. What is 40 miles from nowhere on a vast empty continent? Nothing. But line of latitude 40 runs through the middle of this flat, open terrain. In fact, Newark lies only 2 minutes of latitude north of it. J.Q. Jacobs notes that the Serpent Mound lies at longitude 83 degrees 25′ 52″ and the Newark Earthworks lie at 82 degrees 25′ 48″. This is one degree of longitude separation.1 2 The Serpent holds an egg in its mouth and this egg is an oval 120 feet by 70 feet. The inner diameter of this oval is 76 feet across. We have seen this 70 before. We have seen 12 before and we shall soon see many references to 76.

Main layout of Earthworks in Newark, Ohio

Layout of Earthworks in Newark, Ohio created by drawing over satellite image and blending area above Great Circle and paths with those portions from Squier-Davis Drawing. — Drawing by B.L. Freeborn.

Surely, this Serpent has something to do with the placement of Newark or vice versa. The Newark Earthworks lies 76.6 nautical miles or 88.15 miles north of the Serpent. Indeed, from the prominently placed Miamisburg Mound the distance is 87.7 nautical miles or 100.9 miles. But these are two local monuments. Do they align with any other great monument? Why was the Newark complex placed here?

Romain posits that the Newark Octagon and the Great Circle are both placed in reference to Geller Hill at a distance of 7 OCD from each. Geller Hill is located at 40 degrees 2′ 12″ N latitude.  Let’s look at that closer 40, 2 and 12. The numbers sound familiar. But the longitude is 82 degrees 27′ 26″. This is not very pretty at all. However….maybe this spot was chosen for another reason. The distance between the Great Pyramid and this innocuous hill in Ohio is 113 degrees 35′ or 113 degrees and .583 degrees. We can see the 583 reminds us of the 584 we saw at East Fork but that can be purely coincidental ….well… until one adds it to 113 and recall the ancients loved to double. So 113.583 equals 2 x 56.7916. What are the odds that 56 and 7916, nearly 7920, would show up here? Consider further that 113 is 2 x 56.5. Let me throw this additional coincidence out. In the story of Noah it rained for 40 days and Noah lived to the grand toothless age of 950 years. Are we supposed to convert that 950 say from years to months, or inches to feet, to obtain 79.16? What other not so pure coincidences can be found at Newark?


  1. Jacobs, James Q., “The Great Circle Earthwork, Newark, Ohio,” 2006.  See:
  2. Jacobs, James Q., “Newark Octagon, Newark, Ohio,” 2006.  See:

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The Mystery of Noah’s Age…Revisited

B.L. Freeborn – Oct. 2012 (updated Sept. 2022)

Noah’s age was the original topic of this blog and solving the mystery behind it. Once it is figured out the mystery and the mocking stops, and it is not quite as fun anymore. So, do we really want to solve it?

In earlier posts it was speculated that 950 is a limit and the many ways to convert the number to obtain other numbers was discussed.

Looking back over all those numbers one number should have stood out. Notice that if 950 is inches we obtain 950 / 12 = 79.16 feet and we can also say that if 950 meant months then we obtain the same 79.16 years. This should have been a glaring red flag but most people do not see it as important for one of two reasons. The first reason is their society has already shifted away from the ancient system of measurement and is now using the less scientific (Yes – less!) metric system and so, do not recognize the importance of this number.

The second reason is, although they may live in a country such as the US, still using the more scientific system (yes – more!) of feet and miles, they just do not recognize the number as representing the diameter of the planet they are sitting upon. The average diameter of the Earth is 7920 miles which any educated person should have recognized in 79.16 in a jiffy (but we didn’t).

So let us list the quarrels that will arise from this paragraph:

1 – Is the mile a more scientific system than the metric?

2 – Does Noah’s age refer to the diameter of the planet?

The derivation of the mile system is something of a wonder and leaves one with the chilling realization that as far as science goes, we are just babes lost in the woods. Note just these few simple facts. The number of seconds in a day is 86400. The number of seconds of longitude is 86400, also. The diameter of the Sun is 864000 miles. Each mile is composed of 5280 feet. The average diameter of the Earth is 7920 miles or 5280 x 1.5. The time it takes light to travel from the Sun to earth is 500 seconds and therefore to cross Earth’s orbital diameter is 1000 seconds. It is as if someone long ago chose these units of measure because they reveal the harmony of the universe.

The second question can only be answered by looking at the other ages of the patriarchs for similar information.

By listing the patriarchs, the age at which they fathered a son and the age to which they lived, a table can be formed. If we are diligent we can add the gematria of each man’s name as a first column. We will use the original spelling of the name as found in the Torah and the number value for each Hebrew letter as still used today.

So we have……

MAN’S                             SON          LIVED    TOTAL    YEAR

NAME:       GEMATRIA     BORN        AFTER      AGE      DIED


ADAM                45              130         800        930         930

SETH                 700            105         807         912       1042

ENOSH              357             90         815          905       1140

KENAN              210             70          840         910       1235

MAHALALEL       136            65          830         895       1290

JARED                214           162        800          962       1422

ENOCH                84             65        300          365         987

METHUSALEH     784          187        782          969        1656

LAMECH               90         182        595          777         1651

NOAH                   58        500        350           950         2006       Born in 1056 (biblical count)

This is the compiled list of the generations of Adam. If there is any validity to the idea that Noah’s age divided by 12 represents the diameter of the Earth then something else here must support that idea.

With very little trouble we see that Enoch did not live as long as his sires. In fact, the poor fellow lived about 1/3 of their life spans. He died at the respectable age of 365 years which sounds remarkably like the number of days in a year.

What else?

Noah’s gematria is 58 and his father was 500 when he was born. Compare 58 to the distance Earth travels about the Sun in any given year or just over 584 million miles. Furthermore, compare this 584 to 58,500 (gematria followed by father’s age).

Twice the number of feet in a mile is 10560 and the year Noah was born was 1056.

Here is another example of how this is built to make us look closer. See the 777. The number itself catches our attention with its solid repetition. Does it seem as if it is bracketed by the 950 and 969 to draw our attention even further? And looking closer at the 595 to its left, 969 above it and 782 kitty-corner, we find the average of 595 and 969 is?  782. This repeats the 782 and is very nearly the value of Methusaleh’s gematria of 784. This value reminds us somewhat of the polar diameter of Earth at 7899 miles but not enough to be convincing. However, 784 does equal 14 x 56!

If you care to work on it for yourself, you will find that some numbers are sines, cosines and tangents. This is a mystery worth solving!


A Little Mystery Hidden in the Hebrew Alphabet

– B. L Freeborn, Oct. 2012   (last updated Nov. 2018)

There is a similarity between the Hebrew Alphabet and the Sator-Rotas. A few minutes of time spent looking at the alphabet may help us with the long worn out mystery of the Sator-Rotas.

In 1933, J.P. Frey suggested that Latin speaking Jews were the likely source of the Sator-Rotas Square because of their love of puzzles and because there were Jewish settlements in the area of Pompeii, the location of the oldest known encryption. Duncan Fishwick, MA, University of St. Michael, Toronto discussed this and other ideas in his 1959 article about the Square.

The Sator Rotas has perplexed many noble minds. The more time that passes the more answers are proposed. I am not proposing an answer just yet. That can wait a few more posts. I am only building on Frey’s observation noted above. Duncan’s complete article is available here.

Sator-Rotas from Oppede, Luberon, France. Photo by M. Disdero, Wikipedia.

The Sator-Rotas dates back to 79 AD Pompeii. We look at the Square and note that around a central N is two circles of letters in a square fashion. The inner ring of letters is EPEREPER. The exterior circle creates the name of the puzzle: Sator-Rotas or Rotas-Sator. Now observe the similarity of this puzzle to the Hebrew Alphabet.

Recall that the Latin Alphabet is composed of 52 symbols for 26 sounds. There are two symbols for each sound which are a capital letter and a small letter. Similarly, the Hebrew Alphabet is composed of 27 symbols for 22 sounds. Only five sounds have two symbols but they are not “capitals.” They are used when the sound falls at the end of a word. So we might group this alphabet into two parts.

Those without endcaps:

   and the five pairs with their endcaps:   

The first seventeen letters do not have ‘caps.’ The last ten letters are the pairs for the sounds which equate to k, m, n, p and ts in English.

The first letter that looks like an ‘N’ is the letter ‘Alef’. Because of its similarity to ‘N’ and its central place in the Sator puzzle we will pull it out and make it the center once again. Now we have our central letter “N” or  Alef, the inner circle composed of the ten letters that have endcaps and the outer ring composed of the 16 other letters.

Similarity between Hebrew Alphabet and Sator-Rotas

If the alphabet is also a puzzle then we are left with a clue by understanding that each letter represents a number as well as a sound. The letter ‘Alef’ equals one. The next letter equals 2, and so forth. The sum of all 27 letters in this alphabet is 1775. This letter for a number is what is called the gematria values. From here the puzzle unravels in numbers.  Take note of the following:

The total sum of the alphabet is 1775 and 1775 = pi x 565. Interestingly 1/1775 = .000563.

The central number of the alphabet is 1 and sums to 1.

The outside sixteen letter group of the alphabet sums to 1214.  This is interesting but not significant here. However, it is important that the exterior ring on the Sator Square is also made of 16 letters.

It is of ultimate importance that the ten letters with endcaps sum to 560.  This is nearly the same as 565 seen above.

So, we have an image created by 1 in the center, then 560 and then 1214.

Compare then this next similarity to the Sator puzzle. If “one” is considered to be the center then the EPEREPER inner ring, when converted to numbers using the Hebrew equivalents, becomes:

E = 1

R = 200

P = 80

This gives us the string of numbers: 1, 80, 1, 200, 1, 80, 1, 200 which sums to 564

and plus the central ‘Alef’ or 1 equals 565.

The 560 and 565 of the alphabet reappears in this puzzle as the 564 or 565 of the center of the puzzle.

All those familiar with Hebrew will recognize this pattern, 565, from the letters which spell Yahweh or 5,6,5,10.

Interest piqued? Note this other little mathematical fact about the alphabet. That 1 and 560 appears in other places. Two instances are 10560 and 1056.

In what year was Noah born? 1056    (Biblical counting that is. Not real years.)

And 10560 is 2 x 5280.  Which is easily recognized!  No? How many feet are in a mile?

We are led on a further quest…..Who designated the feet in a mile? Who designed the alphabet? What is the meaning of 56?

I let this whole matter rest for consideration before the Sator Rotas is examined further.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a question or a comment.

More on the Hebrew Alphabet and secrets


Why does the Torah’s Gematria Appear at Stonehenge?

Stonehenge Reconstruction by Wilhemy

– by B.L Freeborn, June 2012 (updated Nov. 2018, September 2022)

It’s a mystery. Many studies, many more theories, and it’s still a mystery. It’s like a tangled ball of yarn. If we could just find the right end and pull….It will all unravel.

We have been discussing the 56 Aubrey Post holes at Stonehenge I (the way it looked in the beginning). This leads naturally into looking at the same sort of features at Stonehenge (as it has been reconstructed today). Lotha Wilhelmy has done a very fine reconstruction in this large mural. In the center we see the 5 large monumental stone pairs called the Trilithons. Notice that as one looks at them there is a tendency to mentally try to complete the circle to obtain 6. And then one has to think – no 5- why not 6? But only 5. Once again that 56 pattern reappears. 56 56 recalls the letters that appear by way of gematria for several of the Hebrew names for God.

The most notable features of this structure are the inner and outer two rings of stones. The large Trilithon ring is made of 10 uprights (plus 5 lintels) and outer ring of 30 uprights (plus 30 lintels). 10 + 30 = 40. Here appears the rather Biblical number 40 as in 40 days and nights. And 40² + 40² = 56.56². In other words, the diagonal of a 40 x 40 square is 56.56.

There are 15 stones in the Trilithon circle. There are 60 in the outer circle. There are 15 degrees of longitude to each ‘hour.’ There are 60 minutes in an hour.

The outer circle of stones is set on a 108 foot diameter. The distance to the Moon is 108 Moon diameters. The inner circle is on a 45 foot diameter. 45 x 8 = 360… degrees in a circle. 45/8 =5.625!

Looking further at this image for more information that might describe concepts found in the Torah, we discover a central horseshoe of bluestones that number 19. This might also be called a cup of stones. Then there are the 5 pairs of large stones of which we just spoke. Around this lies a complete circle of stones that numbers 59. Around this is the magnificent Sarsen Circle composed of 30 uprights. Surrounding this are 29 markers for the Z holes and 30 Y holes. (Not all of the holes are shown in the image.) And then, this is all surrounded by the 56 outer Aubrey post holes.

So, we have a string of numbers that reads: 19   5   59   30   29   30   56

If you have ever studied the gematria of the Torah, a string of numbers like this will appear familiar. Any given phrase converts to a string of numbers.

Nineteen appears to be a meaningless number. Recall that 950 = 19 x 5 x 10. We see the 5 appear immediately after the 19 above. The five pairs are composed of 10 uprights giving us the complete 19 x 5 x 10 = Noah’s age at death or 950 years. Perhaps 950 was meant to be months not years? 950 is 12 x 79.2? The diameter of our planet is 7920 miles!

19 + 5 = 24. Everyone knows what 24 refers to!!! Yes? 24 hours in a day.

19 + 5 + 59 + 30 = 113   and 113 refers to?   113 = 2 x 56.5  The 56 appears again!

19 + 5 + 59 + 30 + 29 + 30 = 172,    172 = 2 x 86.

Torah researchers might recognize this as the third ‘number’ in the Torah which is Elohim.

And for the science minded, atheist, and doubting Thomases, is the sun not 864,000 miles in diameter?

Also are there not 86400 seconds in a day and 86400 seconds of longitude?

Re-enforcing this idea is the sum of the last two numbers, 30 + 56, which is 86 again.

There is a whole lot of science written in stone numbers here.

The total sum is 228.  This 228 is 3 x 76. The period of Halley’s Comet is 76 years. More notably 228 suggests 2 x 28 = 56!

But wait! Did they measure with our modern mile?

Quite possibly the proper way to measure this planet and to preserve the message of the ancient world is to use the standard mile. 5280 feet to the mile means the diameter of the planet is 7920 miles and perhaps reinforcing this is 5280 times 1.5 equals 7920.

Is 7920 in that string of numbers above?

Let’s bring it down so we can have a look.   19  5  59  30  29  30  56

Nope, it is not there. Or? Yes? Yes! It is.   59 + 30 = 89, 30 + 29 + 30 = 89

…………..and…….. 89 x 89 = 7921.

So, they very likely measured the Earth in miles.

And the 19 equals?  This should be easy for the scientists. 19² = 361. There are 360 degrees to a circle. There are 360 degrees in a freely rotating hinge as in a Stone -hinge. And remember 4 x 19 is 76 and that repeats the idea of a comet.

But it also means……..

Just another riddle. Here’s a clue. What do scientists, modern and perhaps ancient, use to measure the universe?

–Reconstruction artwork by Lotha Wilhelmy. CC license.

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