The Mystery Stone of New Hampshire, Part V

-B. L. Freeborn, August 2012, Updated Sept. 2022

– The eye cannot see what the mind cannot conceive.

Two faces of Mystery Stone, photo New Hampshire Historical Society.

We have been discussing the images on the Mystery Stone of New Hampshire. The Face, the Top/Bottom Gears, the Tepee/Home and the Circle have been discussed in previous posts. Now we decipher the arrows.

I like the phrase: the eye cannot see what the mind cannot conceive. That explains why we cannot understand what appears in this image. If it is arrows, they are arrows that have bounced because only two of them have heads.

Perhaps this is two images in one. They are first a set of dividers. Dividers are used to measure on maps, to inscribe circles and to measure the heavens. They represent the measurement of the Earth and Heavens. As a set of dividers, one must ask at what angle are they positioned? What angle did they want to preserve for posterity? It seems that they record an angle of 56 degrees at the main top and bottom intersection. The smaller angles (very difficult to measure from photos) at the bottom appear to be 35 left and 30 degrees on the right.

The sum of 30 + 56 = 86 which reiterates the diameter of the sun at 86400 miles. The sum of 35 + 56 = 91 and 91 represents the Earth’s closest approach to the Sun at 91.4 million miles. The number 56 can be found four times in this small image by considering all the angles displayed.

56 – We discussed this number previously in the post about the 56 Aubrey Post Holes (June 2012) which have been found at Stonehenge in England. It is mysteriously always present yet not a word is ever said about it. It appears in the spelling of Yahweh. It appears and reappears over and over.

Note there are two sets of dividers which means two places to measure or measure from. This is a simple yet astoundingly important idea.

The second idea recorded here is more difficult to understand. Perhaps this image represents meteorites, or hard rain, as the ancients put it. A rain of pelting meteorites came. Sometimes ancient texts describe it as arrows falling. Arrows from heaven came.

So far so good for the translation but the story has taken an odd turn.

So our translation thus far reads: “We were a contemplative people who lived on a planet 7910 miles in diameter that turned at a fixed rate around a Sun of diameter 864,000 miles. And this place we called home. We measured our world and the heavens with rays of longitude. It was perfection. Our lives were complete until the day the meteorites came.”

Next we look at the Two Spears and Shield………………………More posts to come as we decipher the Mystery Stone…

(updated Nov. 2018)


Stonehenge I, The Aubrey Posts and the Torah?

J. Rankin who posts at Thothistheibis asked, “Why are the Aubrey Posts at Stonehenge at a 6.428571 degree spacing? And have I seen the number before in my Torah research?”

First to bring myself and others up to speed on the Aubrey Posts: there are 56 holes inside the bank at Stonehenge I which have been filled in with chalk, debris and human remains. No astronomical purpose can be determined for them. The circle has a diameter of 891 feet. The holes are typically 30 inches deep and about 41.7″ wide.

The square root of 7920 (the diameter of the planet in miles) is 89 which seems remarkably similar to 891.

J. Rankin points out that 6.428571 is 45 divided by 7. It is also the square root of 41.32. No other meaning could be attached to it at this time.

The angle 6.428571 is derived from dividing the circle of 360 degrees by the 56 holes of the circle.

Which leads to: “Why 56 holes and what are they about?” There are many offered explanations available in the Wikipedia Article on the subject. The conclusion is that after many, many years and much study, no one can explain them.

Each and every ancient site appears to have a number associated with it. An obvious example is the Giza Pyramid. It is a five sided pyramid which means the site number is 5 but! It is truncated so it is 6 sided. 5 x 6 = 30 and you have its latitude and currently its longitude. The 5 and 6 also forms 56.

The holes were dug 30″ deep. 5 x 6 = 30, another use of 56. The diameter of the circle is 891 feet which gives a circumference of 2799.4 feet or 2800 feet. And we can see 2800 x 2 = 5600. Another use of 56.

The 56 does not appear to be astronomical in nature. It may or may not be just ceremonial. Further study is required for understanding.

Whereas Stonehenge with its massive stones is for watching the heavens, the outer circle with its 56 silent white markers were perhaps for ceremony and remembrance. The answer is not in the angle between them but the number 56 itself.

This is one of the most important numbers to be found in the Torah, yet it is quiet and obscure. It keeps its own mystery.

(Update Nov. 2018, September 2022)

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More on the Aubrey Posts of Stonehenge and a little bit of Torah….

We have been discussing the 56 post holes at Stonehenge called the Aubrey Posts and their use.  I stated they were ceremonial and J. Rankin argues for their astronomical use.

We are probably both right. Consider these further aspects of why they would have used 56 holes and not the more easily divided 60 into 360.

It can be said that 56 suggests 6 – 5 = 1, a representation of God. The One God which is surrounding them especially while they are at the site. While 5 + 6 = 11 is a representation of God in continuance. The circle never ends reinforcing the never ending God force which surrounded them literally and then physically by describing a circle around themselves. Any person who speaks Hebrew knows immediately the association of 5 and 6 to the one God since it is the numbers indicated by the spelling of Jehovah.

Further, consider that there are very few churches that do not represent itself on the outside by a symbol. The plain cross is used by Protestants, an occupied cross by Catholics or Mother Mary, while Temples are marked by the Star of David, etc. Christian Scientists have unadorned buildings. However, even they rely on signs to let everyone know what goes on inside. 56 chalk filled spots outlining the site would have been a cheap, quick and effective method to let everyone know who worshiped there. One spot just does not do it. But 56 relates so well to all else, especially astronomical functions as noted in the previous post.

J. Rankin noted, “The Druids kept cycles of years. Five years is one lustre. Six lustres is one month of years or 30 years. 21 months of years is 630, which is one Druid Era.” There’s that 5 and 6 again.  And 630 divided by 56 = 5.625 x 2. All of this reiterates significant holy numbers.

Much more incredible information is to be had on this number.

(updated Nov. 2018, May 2018)

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Why does the Torah’s Gematria Appear at Stonehenge?

Stonehenge Reconstruction by Wilhemy

– by B.L Freeborn, June 2012 (updated Nov. 2018, September 2022)

It’s a mystery. Many studies, many more theories, and it’s still a mystery. It’s like a tangled ball of yarn. If we could just find the right end and pull….It will all unravel.

We have been discussing the 56 Aubrey Post holes at Stonehenge I (the way it looked in the beginning). This leads naturally into looking at the same sort of features at Stonehenge (as it has been reconstructed today). Lotha Wilhelmy has done a very fine reconstruction in this large mural. In the center we see the 5 large monumental stone pairs called the Trilithons. Notice that as one looks at them there is a tendency to mentally try to complete the circle to obtain 6. And then one has to think – no 5- why not 6? But only 5. Once again that 56 pattern reappears. 56 56 recalls the letters that appear by way of gematria for several of the Hebrew names for God.

The most notable features of this structure are the inner and outer two rings of stones. The large Trilithon ring is made of 10 uprights (plus 5 lintels) and outer ring of 30 uprights (plus 30 lintels). 10 + 30 = 40. Here appears the rather Biblical number 40 as in 40 days and nights. And 40² + 40² = 56.56². In other words, the diagonal of a 40 x 40 square is 56.56.

There are 15 stones in the Trilithon circle. There are 60 in the outer circle. There are 15 degrees of longitude to each ‘hour.’ There are 60 minutes in an hour.

The outer circle of stones is set on a 108 foot diameter. The distance to the Moon is 108 Moon diameters. The inner circle is on a 45 foot diameter. 45 x 8 = 360… degrees in a circle. 45/8 =5.625!

Looking further at this image for more information that might describe concepts found in the Torah, we discover a central horseshoe of bluestones that number 19. This might also be called a cup of stones. Then there are the 5 pairs of large stones of which we just spoke. Around this lies a complete circle of stones that numbers 59. Around this is the magnificent Sarsen Circle composed of 30 uprights. Surrounding this are 29 markers for the Z holes and 30 Y holes. (Not all of the holes are shown in the image.) And then, this is all surrounded by the 56 outer Aubrey post holes.

So, we have a string of numbers that reads: 19   5   59   30   29   30   56

If you have ever studied the gematria of the Torah, a string of numbers like this will appear familiar. Any given phrase converts to a string of numbers.

Nineteen appears to be a meaningless number. Recall that 950 = 19 x 5 x 10. We see the 5 appear immediately after the 19 above. The five pairs are composed of 10 uprights giving us the complete 19 x 5 x 10 = Noah’s age at death or 950 years. Perhaps 950 was meant to be months not years? 950 is 12 x 79.2? The diameter of our planet is 7920 miles!

19 + 5 = 24. Everyone knows what 24 refers to!!! Yes? 24 hours in a day.

19 + 5 + 59 + 30 = 113   and 113 refers to?   113 = 2 x 56.5  The 56 appears again!

19 + 5 + 59 + 30 + 29 + 30 = 172,    172 = 2 x 86.

Torah researchers might recognize this as the third ‘number’ in the Torah which is Elohim.

And for the science minded, atheist, and doubting Thomases, is the sun not 864,000 miles in diameter?

Also are there not 86400 seconds in a day and 86400 seconds of longitude?

Re-enforcing this idea is the sum of the last two numbers, 30 + 56, which is 86 again.

There is a whole lot of science written in stone numbers here.

The total sum is 228.  This 228 is 3 x 76. The period of Halley’s Comet is 76 years. More notably 228 suggests 2 x 28 = 56!

But wait! Did they measure with our modern mile?

Quite possibly the proper way to measure this planet and to preserve the message of the ancient world is to use the standard mile. 5280 feet to the mile means the diameter of the planet is 7920 miles and perhaps reinforcing this is 5280 times 1.5 equals 7920.

Is 7920 in that string of numbers above?

Let’s bring it down so we can have a look.   19  5  59  30  29  30  56

Nope, it is not there. Or? Yes? Yes! It is.   59 + 30 = 89, 30 + 29 + 30 = 89

…………..and…….. 89 x 89 = 7921.

So, they very likely measured the Earth in miles.

And the 19 equals?  This should be easy for the scientists. 19² = 361. There are 360 degrees to a circle. There are 360 degrees in a freely rotating hinge as in a Stone -hinge. And remember 4 x 19 is 76 and that repeats the idea of a comet.

But it also means……..

Just another riddle. Here’s a clue. What do scientists, modern and perhaps ancient, use to measure the universe?

–Reconstruction artwork by Lotha Wilhelmy. CC license.

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