The Mystery Stone of New Hampshire, Part V

-B. L. Freeborn, August 2012, Updated Sept. 2022

– The eye cannot see what the mind cannot conceive.

Two faces of Mystery Stone, photo New Hampshire Historical Society.

We have been discussing the images on the Mystery Stone of New Hampshire. The Face, the Top/Bottom Gears, the Tepee/Home and the Circle have been discussed in previous posts. Now we decipher the arrows.

I like the phrase: the eye cannot see what the mind cannot conceive. That explains why we cannot understand what appears in this image. If it is arrows, they are arrows that have bounced because only two of them have heads.

Perhaps this is two images in one. They are first a set of dividers. Dividers are used to measure on maps, to inscribe circles and to measure the heavens. They represent the measurement of the Earth and Heavens. As a set of dividers, one must ask at what angle are they positioned? What angle did they want to preserve for posterity? It seems that they record an angle of 56 degrees at the main top and bottom intersection. The smaller angles (very difficult to measure from photos) at the bottom appear to be 35 left and 30 degrees on the right.

The sum of 30 + 56 = 86 which reiterates the diameter of the sun at 86400 miles. The sum of 35 + 56 = 91 and 91 represents the Earth’s closest approach to the Sun at 91.4 million miles. The number 56 can be found four times in this small image by considering all the angles displayed.

56 – We discussed this number previously in the post about the 56 Aubrey Post Holes (June 2012) which have been found at Stonehenge in England. It is mysteriously always present yet not a word is ever said about it. It appears in the spelling of Yahweh. It appears and reappears over and over.

Note there are two sets of dividers which means two places to measure or measure from. This is a simple yet astoundingly important idea.

The second idea recorded here is more difficult to understand. Perhaps this image represents meteorites, or hard rain, as the ancients put it. A rain of pelting meteorites came. Sometimes ancient texts describe it as arrows falling. Arrows from heaven came.

So far so good for the translation but the story has taken an odd turn.

So our translation thus far reads: “We were a contemplative people who lived on a planet 7910 miles in diameter that turned at a fixed rate around a Sun of diameter 864,000 miles. And this place we called home. We measured our world and the heavens with rays of longitude. It was perfection. Our lives were complete until the day the meteorites came.”

Next we look at the Two Spears and Shield………………………More posts to come as we decipher the Mystery Stone…

(updated Nov. 2018)


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