The Mystery Stone of New Hampshire, Part VI

Backside of Mystery Stone, photo by B. Freeborn, Public Domain.

-B. L. Freeborn, August 2012, Updated Sept. 2022

-Thus it came to pass that the day the planet was to die was upon them, and there was no escape.

We have been discussing the images on the Mystery Stone of New Hampshire. The Face, the Top/Bottom Gears, the Tepee/Home, the Circle and the Arrows have been discussed in previous posts. Now the meaning of the Two Spears and the Shield is examined.

This is the image that has always made it very convincing this stone is about a treaty between two tribes. However logical that is, let us set it aside for the time being and reinterpret this image. Notice its position. It is centered within the seven images upon the back. It is the turning point of the story. Previously, we had “a rain of arrows” now we have something that looks like a truce. Could this indicate not only the turning point of the story but the final turning point for mankind?

People have been slowly coming to this realization these last few decades. Something big and bad happened to our planet. We cannot figure out where, or when, or exactly what. Here we have it spelled out for us and we still cannot see it.  I can only say we are not giving the subject justice in these brief paragraphs.

In looking at this image we see it is formed by two lines that cross at 90 degrees. The north pole is at 90 degrees.

Notice also if the image is inverted then one can see the shield is a crater. This is the impact of not one, but two comets perhaps at the north pole.

shieldupsidedownThe two dots are also significant. There are numerous ancient drawings that display this two dot pattern just as the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio does. Perhaps this is a record passed down to us from eyewitnesses. Is this a record of two comets which impacted and formed craters?

There are numerous comet craters that exist. The Pingualuit Crater in northern Canada is nearly perfect. Was this one of them? The Barringer Crater in Arizona is nearly perfect. Are these the two comet impacts or?  Or! Or! Or were they just impacts of what they called “hard rain”? Did the craters they are referring to here dwarf these perfect craters? Were there people who survived these impacts? There are many other crater possibilities. In future posts I suggest there are specific craters to which this symbol refers. I discuss the age of these craters and others according to geologists. This, too, is a lengthy and interesting topic.

So, now the story is speaking of a vast and great tragedy. It reads so far as: “We were a contemplative people who lived on a planet 7910 miles in diameter that turned at a fixed rate around a Sun of diameter 864,000 miles. And this place we called home. We measured our world and the heavens with rays of longitude. It was perfection. Our lives were complete until the day the meteorites came. And then the comets struck. We saw them coming. There were two which impacted with the planet, our home.”

Next we pause to look at another ancient source which repeats and confirms the idea put forth above……More posts to come as we decipher the Mystery Stone….


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