The Mystery Stone of New Hampshire, Part VII

-B. L. Freeborn, August 2012, updated Sept. 2022

-A mind once expanded by an idea cannot return to its original shape.

We have been discussing the images on the Mystery Stone of New Hampshire.  Now we pause to look at similar ideas from other parts of the world. (The complete article is posted to the left as a page.)

This image is a relief from Assyria (Calah in present day Iraq) of the Winged Genius. It is currently in the Walters Art Museum.

Assyrian Relief with Winged Genius, Walters Art Museum, Wikimedia

Notice the cone shaped object in this Spirit’s right hand. The description file reads:  The “benevolent spirit uses a cone-shaped object to sprinkle from his bucket some magic potion upon either a sacred tree or the king depicted on the adjacent relief.”  If I might re-translate what this not-so-benevolent spirit is doing. He is sprinkling meteorites on the adjacent King and he has the ultimate weapon poised in the air – a comet. It is the cone shaped, egg shaped object that looks a whole lot like the New Hampshire Mystery Stone. He, as a giant, god, or Nephylim, is the force that guides the object.  This relief is dated to 883 to 859 BC.

Assyrian Relief, Detail of Cup, Brooklyn Museum.

There are other versions of this relief. In another, also from Iraq, is a nearly identical representation of the spirit except the man is portrayed as a bird. There are adjoining images which display a man carefully holding a flat cup which is a symbolic depiction of the crater. The detail images of the cone show it is similar in appearance to a pine cone or made of small pieces which is an accurate representation of many comets. We know now that comets are often made of large masses of ice crystals and rock adhered together. From other ancient sources we can determine that a comet came to Earth that broke into pieces. This idea is confirmed in this art. Two pieces struck the planet as shown here in this section of the Asshur or Ashur-nasir-pal II reliefs in the Brooklyn Museum. Between them lies what is called the tree of life but we might correctly call it the polar axis. In our small New Hampshire stone we have the same egg shape and a hole in the top of the stone for an axis. So, we have two comets approaching the polar axis.

Two comets depicted in Ashur-nasir-pal II Relief from Brooklyn Museum, photo by Wally Gobetz.

These comets came to choose who lived and died. The Cross (in the spear/shield image) tells us X marks the spot. Earth is always indicated in astrology as a circle with an x in it. Life survived, despite all odds. Our present day religious symbolism assures us that we have never quite forgotten it happened. We have never forgotten the nearly complete annihilation of our species.

The Giants, we like to call Nephylim, are the massive forces of nature such as celestial dynamics, magnetism, tidal waves and acceleration. An absence of vocabulary and misunderstanding both then and now, creates multiple gods.

So we understand that what is portrayed in this small work of art was common knowledge among the Kings, Queens and High Priests which directed and paid for the art. The belief that this New Hampshire stone once belonged to a great personage can be supported.

We will continue with the ominous little curl beneath the Spears/Shield and conclude our study.


2 thoughts on “The Mystery Stone of New Hampshire, Part VII

  1. J Rankin says:

    The ominous little curl, changed things forever. I wonder if this piece of art was once on a stand, so that it could be rotated, something like a globe. As an aid in the story telling.

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