The Mystery Stone of New Hampshire, Part IV

Mystery Stone, photo by New Hampshire Historical Society

-B. L. Freeborn, August 2012, Sept. 2022

-Ah…… Eden.

We have been discussing the images on the Mystery Stone of New Hampshire. The Face, the Top/Bottom Gears, and the Tepee /Home have been discussed in previous posts. Now we look for the symbolism in the circle.

Consider its position beneath the tent. Looking only at the positive we find it can mean: wholeness, completeness, and perfection of form. The Moon is a perfect globe as is the Sun. The Earth is perfection. The planets move in circular orbits. In fact, they move in orbits similar to the ellipsoid form of the stone. Perhaps it then means life was perfect. Life was harmonious.

But one must look at the negative connotations, also. Indeed, it could mean hole, abyss or crater. The whole of it must be understood to decide and as it happens this latter interpretation is more likely especially considering it is located under a symbol suggesting longitude.

So, I add to the translation thus far: “We were a contemplative people who lived on a planet 7910 miles in diameter that turned at a fixed rate around a Sun of diameter 864,000 miles. And this place we called home. We measured our world with rays of longitude. It was perfection. Our lives were complete.”

Still, so far so good.

Next we look at the Arrows…………..More posts to come as we decipher the Mystery Stone…


2 thoughts on “The Mystery Stone of New Hampshire, Part IV

  1. J Rankin says:

    This is fascinating so far, can’t wait to see the rest.

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