The Mystery Stone of New Hampshire, Part III

-B. L. Freeborn, July 2012, Updated Sept. 2022

-Gilgamesh, Let not the Waters of Death touch thy hand. Take thou a pole. And thrust forward..

We have been discussing the images on the Mystery Stone of New Hampshire. In prior posts we have studied the Face and the Top/Bottom Gears.

There is a grouping of seven images on the back and sides of the stone. I suggest the images are supposed to be read top to bottom, left to right. So we begin with the first image on the left of the face which is the Tepee or tent. Upon visiting the museum and seeing the Mystery Stone, we were told by the staff that it probably came from out west because the Plain’s Indians lived in tepees of the style depicted. This is difficult to argue except that does not preclude other people at other times living in the same style of structures. In fact, the style of tent is not exactly all that unique. It appears in Egypt both historically and presently. It is a style that gives an economy of form and materials. To limit it to one single group of people in a particular time period is excessively restrictive. In fact, the Cherokee tribe is originally from the St. Lawrence and South Carolina areas which means it is not solely a style found in the plains but just as common as the idea of a house with four walls.

We let the argument linger as to when and where, and continue on with the study.

We shall call the image a home because that is more meaningful. Home is where we all live. This home has three panels shown so we might assume it is made of six panels. 6 reminds us of the number of minutes that create an hour and seconds in an hour. From the top projects four stakes. We could say they represent the four corners of the world, or 4 x 6 equals 24 hours in a day. Between the three panels lies 2 distinct lines. So, we have a series of numbers again: 4 3 2 shown by one half of the home. We might take a leap and say two halves would give us 864 and 864000 is the diameter of the Sun, exactly the number of seconds in a day is 86400 and seconds of longitude around the world.

We might also say this home represents the measurement of the world from the pole. If a line fixed at the pole sweeps out we obtain lines of longitude, just as portrayed by the tent. The tent measures 90 degrees. Each panel measures 30 degrees. Thirty degrees is what is called a double hour in longitude. We call every 15 degrees a different time zone.

Summing up so far: we have a contemplative people who lived on a planet 7910 miles in diameter that turned at a fixed rate around a Sun of diameter 864,000 miles. And this place they called home and they measured it by rays of longitude.

So far so good.

Next we look at the Circle…More posts to come as we decipher the Mystery Stone….


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