More on the Aubrey Posts of Stonehenge and a little bit of Torah….

We have been discussing the 56 post holes at Stonehenge called the Aubrey Posts and their use.  I stated they were ceremonial and J. Rankin argues for their astronomical use.

We are probably both right. Consider these further aspects of why they would have used 56 holes and not the more easily divided 60 into 360.

It can be said that 56 suggests 6 – 5 = 1, a representation of God. The One God which is surrounding them especially while they are at the site. While 5 + 6 = 11 is a representation of God in continuance. The circle never ends reinforcing the never ending God force which surrounded them literally and then physically by describing a circle around themselves. Any person who speaks Hebrew knows immediately the association of 5 and 6 to the one God since it is the numbers indicated by the spelling of Jehovah.

Further, consider that there are very few churches that do not represent itself on the outside by a symbol. The plain cross is used by Protestants, an occupied cross by Catholics or Mother Mary, while Temples are marked by the Star of David, etc. Christian Scientists have unadorned buildings. However, even they rely on signs to let everyone know what goes on inside. 56 chalk filled spots outlining the site would have been a cheap, quick and effective method to let everyone know who worshiped there. One spot just does not do it. But 56 relates so well to all else, especially astronomical functions as noted in the previous post.

J. Rankin noted, “The Druids kept cycles of years. Five years is one lustre. Six lustres is one month of years or 30 years. 21 months of years is 630, which is one Druid Era.” There’s that 5 and 6 again.  And 630 divided by 56 = 5.625 x 2. All of this reiterates significant holy numbers.

Much more incredible information is to be had on this number.

(updated Nov. 2018, May 2018)

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