The Adena Tablets of Ancient Ohio – The Numbers

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Scattered throughout the previous posts on ancient art have been numbers. The compiled list is:

108, 111, 11111, 112, 12, 1212, 12321, 123454321, 14, 1414, 16, 17, 21, 212, 2121, 21212, 216, 2166, 222, 23, 23 32, 23.5, 24, 241, 2486, 26, 28, 3, 31, 32, 33, 333, 34, 3.8, 38, 4, 40, 43, 4.4, 44, 52, 54, 5.65, 56, 56.5, 565, 58, 6, 61, 64, 6.5, 65, 66, 66624, 67, 6.9, 7, 72, 76, 77, 777, 79, 792, 7924, 86, 8642, 8.8, 88, 9, 90, 912, 92, 93, 93.3.

This is a substantial list. To make understanding it easier they are grouped by the first digit and explained below.

All the numbers can be related back to values associated with the planet or the solar system. They were either defined, calculated, or determined by measurement. The 12 Houses of the Zodiac or 12 months of the year are defined. Numbers such as 108 are calculated. It is the distance from the Earth to the Moon divided by the diameter of the Moon, or it is how many ‘moons fit’ between the Earth and Moon. The original values must be determined by direct measurement. Someone had to have the mathematical skills and tools to make an accurate determination that the diameter of the Moon is 2160 miles. This person did not necessarily have to live in ancient Ohio or even in that time period. The values could have been passed down to them just as they are to us today through education and sharing.

The question becomes how far distant in the past were they first measured? The story told by the tablets suggests people were well able to measure longitude, latitude, and determine celestial values long before the comet impact. Neither the artists nor the population needed to know how to obtain the values just as the average person today cannot calculate them. That these concepts and measurement units have existed for eons of human history becomes apparent when one learns they are simply not as arbitrary as the length of some man’s foot 3000 years ago. Indeed, they were chosen with extraordinary care so that the repetitiveness and harmony of the numbers is revealed when the Mile System is used for measurement in the sciences.

To illustrate how the numbers of the mile system repeat, a few examples follow. The diameter of the planet is 7920 miles. The number of protons in Gold is 79. The length of a surveyor’s chain is 792 inches long or 66 feet. A furlong is 7920 inches or 660 feet. The velocity of Earth is 66,624 mph. A Sumerian inch was .66 inches long. A mile is 5280 feet or 660 x 8 feet long (8 furlongs). Noah’s age was 950 years. Divide this by 12 and obtain 79.17.

The ratio of the distance from the Earth to Sun: Earth to Moon is 400. The last letter in the Hebrew Alphabet is Tau or ‘th’ with value 400. By –definition- there are 86400 seconds in a day and equally be definition, there are 86400 seconds of longitude in the measurement of Earth. The diameter of the Sun is approximately 864,000 miles. Using those same seconds 1000 of them are required for light to travel the distance equivalent to Earth’s orbital diameter. This nominal value cannot be coincidental. Each of those miles marking out the Sun’s diameter is 5280 feet. The diameter of this planet can be obtained by multiplying 5280 by 1.5 or 7920 miles. Conversely it can be said there are 109 Earth diameters in the diameter of the Sun which brings us back to the distance between the Earth and Moon. The average distance can be said to be 109 moons. The Earth travels 1,599,000 miles or essentially 1,600,000 miles in a day and there are 16 cups in a gallon. There are 16 ounces in a pound. Oxygen’s molecular weight is 15.99.

Consider further the mile of 5280 feet. There are 12 Houses in the Zodiac. 5280 feet / 12 is 440. There are 1584,000 seconds in 440 degrees. Compare this number to the distance Earth travels in a day given above. The circumference of the planet divided by 440 is 565 miles. Furthermore, the area of an acre appears arbitrary until it is examined. An acre is 44,000 -440 square feet or 43560 square feet. Observe this 43560 is composed of two values. Twice 43 is 86 or it repeats the diameter of the Sun. The 56 is the value just discussed related to the circumference of Earth.

If the year is divided into 7 day weeks there are 52.14 weeks in a year. If we think of this number in terms of degrees and convert it to degrees and minutes we obtain 52 and 8.4 minutes. Compare this to 5280 feet in a mile. Indeed, the Astronomical Unit (AU) or what is considered scientifically to be the average distance between the Earth and Sun is 92,956,050 miles. (NASA) The mile is 88 x 60 feet. Divide the AU by 88 and obtain 1056,318 or 2 x 528,160. In other words, the AU is approximately 5280 x 88 x 2 x 1000 miles. And the mile is 5280 = 88 x 60 feet. Working the values in reverse 5280 x 88 x 2 x 1000 gives an Ancient AU of 929280,000 which for all intents and purposes is the same as the modern value except it is easier to remember with its repetition of 92.

This whole repetitive process can be continued ad nauseam. In other words, a lot of thought went into choosing the length of an inch, foot, and mile and the number of seconds in a day in order to make this system synchronize with the Solar System.

Let us take a moment to look at the metric system. The diameter of the planet is 12,742 km. There are 86400 seconds in a day. The diameter of the Sun is approximately 1,390,570 km. The circumference of the planet is 40,000 km. The Earth travels 2,534,400 km in a day. The AU is 148,729,680 km. Nothing repetitive appears.

Interestingly, the metric system uses nautical miles to calculate longitude and latitude. There are 60 nautical miles per each degree of longitude at the equator. There are 6076 feet in a nautical mile. The length of a nautical foot is 13.8 inches. This is twice 6.9 inches. There are 69.17 statute miles between degrees of longitude at the equator.  There are 21600 nautical miles in the Earth’s circumference which sounds remarkably like the Moon’s diameter of 2160 statute miles.

The numbers as found in the tablets…….

108……….. The distance in moons from the Earth to the Moon. The radius of the Moon is 1080 miles.

…………….. The distance in Suns from the Earth to the Sun. The radius of the Sun is 1080 miles x 400.

111, 11111 ……….A suggestion of infinity and the power of 1. Multiply 11 x 11 and obtain 121. Multiply 11111 x 11111 and obtain 123454321. The longitude of Barringer Crater, Arizona is 111.

112………… Twice 56.

12 ………Houses in the Zodiac. Months in a year.

1212 ……….Times pi is 3807 or half of 76. There are 76 years in the period of Halley’s Comet.

12321, and 123454321 ………See 111 above.

14……….. 4 x 14 is 56.

1414 ……… The square root of 2 is 1.414. The diagonal of any square is this number times its side length.

16 ………..The distance Earth travels in a day is 1.6 million miles. The number of cups in a gallon.

17 ………Twice 17 is 34.

21, 212, 2121, 21212…….. Multiply by pi and obtain the velocity of the planet at 666,24 mph.

216, 2166 ………..The diameter of the Moon is 2160 miles.  Years in an ecliptic House of the Zodiac (30 degrees) is 2160.

222…….. A square of sides 2222 has a diagonal of pi x 1000.

23, 23 32, 23.5 ……….The Arctic Circle ends at 23.5 degrees or 23 degrees 30 minutes. This is also the angle of tilt of the planet. The angle varies from 23.5 to 24.5 degrees over 40,000 years.

24 …………..Hours in a day. Was this chosen to coincide with the average tilt of the planet?

241 ……….The square of 241 is 58081. The Earth travels 584 million miles in a year.

2486 …….. Circumference of Earth is 24880 miles.

26 ……….Twice 26 is 52. There are 52 weeks in a year.

28 ……….Twice 28 is 56.

31 ……….The cube of pi is 31.

32 ………The square of 5.65 is 32.

3, 33, 333, 34 ………….. The latitude change of the old pole.

34………….. Twice 17 is 34. The maximum difference between the magnetic pole and true north after the pole was displaced.

3.8, 38 …………….. Twice 38 is 76 or the period of Halley’s comet.

4, 40 …………….A square of sides of 4 (or 40) has a diagonal of 5.65 (or 56.5) units.

43 ………….The radius of the Sun is 432,000 miles.

4.4, 44 …………. The circumference of Earth divided by 44 is 565.5 miles.

52……..The number of 7 day weeks in a year.

54………… Twice 27. The distance to the asteroid belt beyond Mars is 2.77 AU (Astronomical Units). Twice 54 is 108. See 108 above. The latitude of England and Denmark. The circumference of a circle of diameter 17.

5.65, 56, 56.5 ……..Latitude of Hudson Bay and mouth of St. Lawrence seaway.

58…………… The Earth’s orbital circumference is 584 million miles.

6, 61 ………….Time and distance are both measured 60 minutes to the hour and 60 seconds to the minute. The solar system is interestingly enough 60 AU wide!

64 ………….Four cubed is 64. The diagonal of a square of 4 units is 5.65. Twice 32 is 64. 5.65 squared is 32.

6.5, 65 ………….The value 56 reversed. Latitude of Hudson Bay.

66, 66624 …………The velocity of Earth is 66624 mph.

67 ………..The velocity of light 671 million mph.

6.9 ……….The distance between two degrees of longitude at the equator is 69.17 miles.

7 ………..Days in a week.

72 ……….The number of years for the north pole to precess one degree.

76, 77 ………The period of Halley’s Comet.

777 ………The square of 27.9 or the approximate distance to Neptune is 2790 million miles. The distance to the asteroid belt is 2.79 AU. 777 squared is the number of seconds in 7 days or 604800.

79, 792, 7924 ………Diameter of Earth varies from 7899 to 7927 miles.

86, 8642 ………Diameter of the Sun is 864,200 miles roughly or exactly 864336 miles.

8.8, 88 ………… There are 88 x 600 feet in a mile. The square root of 7920 is 88.99. The square root of 7900 is 88.88.

9, 90 ………..There are 90 degrees from the equator to the pole. There are 90 degrees in a quarter of the circumference of Earth. The longitude of Cahokia Mounds is 90 degrees 3 minutes. Minimum and average distances between Earth to the Sun is 91.4 million miles.

92, 93, 93.3 …………The average distance between Earth and Sun is 93 million miles.

Without a doubt someone with skill measured these celestial and earthly values long ago and diligently through time they were preserved. The values and measures as they come down to us give testament to a prior technical civilization. Without a doubt this is the reason these values are preserved over and over in ancient art. The numbers serve a phenomenally important purpose and tell a good portion of the story of the tablets.

The beautiful Ohio Adena Pipe now a Ohio State symbol is up next. After that, we have yet to explore the Hopewell Shaman – Bear and translate the Grave Creek Stone. Many interesting posts are to come.

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The Adena Tablets of Ancient Ohio – The Kiefer Tablet

Kiefer Tablet: An Ancient Ohio Tablet

Art from Ancient Ohio: The Kiefer Tablet

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The Kiefer Tablet was found in Miami County, Ohio. Some people think it represents a bird’s tail and feet which is a change from the phallic stigma most ancient artwork suffers under.

This is an exercise in numbers and once again an opportunity to observe Luwian (La Ang-a) Hieroglyphics embedded in art half a world a way from where it should be found. The image is in the correct orientation to view this tablet. The Ohio History Museum displays it on its side. This is the lower portion and there is a very similar tablet that we will look at in the future that gives a good idea what else was inscribed on this sandstone piece.



On the left and right side are two designs described as feathers by some authors. They very well may be, but they also bear a strong resemblance to glyph #329 which has the sound ‘hwi.’ In this use the tail is pushed to the far side to allow it to look like a feather. Indeed, in the Grave Creek Tablet the words ‘seat, quarrel-seat, quarrel-seat’ were proposed and now we find ‘hwi’ which is easily translated to hwie or hwy in Old English. The modern spelling of the words: what, where, when and why places the w before the h. The original spellings placed the h before the w just as the glyph suggests. Now we have a double exclamation of ‘why, why’ and assuming both tablets relate to the same idea then whatever occurred at this ‘seat of quarrel’ was distressful.

Indeed, like a modern cartoon the image expresses a collision with clarity. The U shape appears to strike the lower shape and a ‘bang’ seems to emanate.

Although the above is conjecture the numbers are real. We begin taking note of numbers in this center shape. We can easily count 2 lines, 1 band, 2 lines and then it repeats. Or we can count it as 1, 1, 2 and then 2,1,1. Or if you prefer 1,1,2,1,1. Any way you please, we need to attach some meaning to at least one of these sets. The 212,212 sounds like the 21212 of the last tablet which suggested something that repeats. Multiplied by pi (3.1415) it is 66637. Multiply 212 by pi and it is exactly 666. The velocity of Earth is 66624 mph. The 112 is 2 x 56 which is a number often found in ancient art and sites. The 2,1,1 allows for someone to read it in reverse and obtain the same number or multiply by pi and obtain 663, a less accurate reminder of Earth’s velocity. Also possible is the sum of the two numbers which gives 333. This number was clearly expressed in the previously studied Grave Creek and Allen Tablets.

Next there is a whole series of numbers expressed around the bottom oval. They appear to start at the left and move around it. At the top left find the large black stripe as 1, then the exterior and interior triangles as 7 so 17. This is an important number to this message as well. Or perhaps it begins with the triangles and we find 3,4 or 4,3 triangles which gives us 34 which we saw on the previous tablets. It is also 2 x 17. We have seen 43 as well but it appeared as 2 x 43 or 86.

At the bottom find 12 black triangles and 12 white triangles. The sum 24 reminds us of the hours in a day, while 1212 is the reappearance of a repeating pattern. This pattern suggests 1 became 2 repeatedly.

On the right side there are 5 triangles and on the outside there are 4 so that we have 45 or 54 or maybe just plain 9. Twice 45 is 90 and twice 54 is 108. Both are significant. The number of degrees between north to east, east to south, etc. is 90. The distance between the Earth and the Moon is 108 Moon diameters.

Then it ends with 1 black area, 1 white and two triangles or 112 which is 2 x 56 again. This confirms it is to be read left to right as done here.

Considering the left side the triangles in white are 7 and on the right are 9. This creates 79. The sum of the bottom triangles is 24. Assembling these as 7,9,24 or 7924 reminds us of the diameter of this planet or 7920 miles. Summing them gives 7 + 9 + 24 or 40. A square of 40 to the side has 56.5 as a diagonal. The 56 reappears.

Other combinations can be argued but this gives us plenty to look at. In review then we have on this tablet 108, 112, 1212, 14, 17, 24, 333, 34, 40, 43, 54, 56, 56.5, 66624, 7, 79, 86, 9, 90, and 7924. This gives us a substantial list of numbers which is more than describing it as ‘feathers and a bird’s tail’ as some have done.

To keep a complete and updated list including the numbers previously found on tablets we have: 108, 112, 1212, 14, 17, 212, 21212, 23, 23 32, 23.5, 24, 26, 32, 33, 333, 34, 40, 43, 52, 54, 56, 56.5, 66, 66624, 7, 79, 86, 9, 90, 7924 and 8642.

This then leads us to look at the next tablet for a greater understanding of the Ancient Ohioan’s message, method of writing and their language.

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